Chai Prakarn Loop

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    CM – Phrao – Chiang Dao - CM - Bike 260 KMS

    I was looking for some new ideas for day loops and David FL suggested this one.

    Riders: Bob B on his TDM and me (Scotty) on my BMW R1100-Jinxed-GS
    The trip thru to Phrao on Route 1001 is quite good fun with some great sweepers, when you enter Phrao, you turn left at the two `T` intersections, you ride about 5 KMS until you reach Pa Hin & a police box. Turn right at the police box. There is a sign posted to Nong Khrok Hot Springs. This puts you on Route 1346, a great up and down narrow twisty road (grade 4.5) there is very little traffic on this road, and the verge is overgrown a lot of the way, making the road very narrow, the tarmac is in very good condition.

    When you eventually reach the T intersection, you turn left onto Route 107 to CM, the twisties just keep coming again and again!

    At Chiang Dao, we turned off to the Chiang Dao Caves and went to check out the Chiang Dao Nest restaurant, this turned out to be a great idea with great food and fantastic views of the limestone outcrops.

    Then back to CM, the road surface is great all the way round this loop.

  2. Did the Chai Prakarn Loop again yesterday & this loop really is a gem of a ride - in the top 3 or 4-day loops from Chiang Mai.
    If you have not done it & reckon you’re a bit of an expert on loops from Cnx, then do yourself a favour & give it a go. The Chai Prakarn Loop really is excellent.


    Route 1001 Cnx - Phrao = fast flowing sport bike.
    Route 1346 Phrao – Ban Pha Hong (Chai Prakarn district), 200 metres north of the Tub Tao caves turn off on route 107 = tight winding steep undulating with lots of dips & rises.



    A 35 kms roller coaster ride! Watch out for stones & sand from heavy rain & water overflow, on some sections of the road.
    Route 107 Chai Prakarn – Mae Taeng = winding undulating hilly smooth race track asphalt
    Route 107 Mae Taeng - Chiang Mai = busy generally flat straight highway. Smooth asphalt.

    Going from Cnx ride non-stop to Phrao.
    Take a quick drink stop, and then hit Route 1346 for 35 kms of exhilaration.
    Hit 107 & turn left, ride the crooked twisties & take a lunch break at Rim Kwan restaurant on the left side, just 4 kms north of the Phrao route 1150 turn off.

    Use route 1346 Phrao – Chai Prakarn as an alternative route to go to / from Fang & or the Doi Ang Khang area. Highly recommended!

    Keep the power on

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