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    Nakorn Cafe


    an open air Belgian run coffee shop - restaurant, downtown central Champasak, on the river.

    GTR-IMG_1926. Nakorn Cafe - Champasak

    GTR-IMG_1931. Nakorn Cafe - Champasak

    You can also sit riverside at some impressive tables to savor the view while you eat.

    GTR-IMG_1922. Riverside dining at the Nakorn Cafe
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    The delightful Inthira Hotel has a damn good breakfast

    GTR-IMG_1950. Inthira Hotel Champasak

    GTR-IMG_1946. The GF's omelette breakfast & the fresh bread she raved about.

    GTR-IMG_1947. The "old boy's" healthy fruit mueseli

    GTR-IMG_6347B. The Inthira at night

    GTR-IMG_6351. The Inthira bar

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