Changing rear sprocket

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  1. OK I am always a bit confused so please correct me if I am wrong ...

    Changing the rear sprocket from 44 to 46 will increase the "power" (acceleration) but will decrease the top speed, right?
  2. Exactly.

    If, for example, your front sprocket is a 14 tooth, then your gear ratio goes from 3.14 to 3.29 by going from a 44 tooth to a 46 tooth rear.

    Front to rear ratio is generally about 1:3, so the extra 2 teeth at the rear is not quite as dramatic as a 1 tooth reduction on the front.

    Most people go the cheap and nasty way of dropping a tooth on the front, but the decreased radius puts extra stress on the chain, and the output shaft. Downside of adding a couple of teeth to the rear is often you have to get a new chain with an extra link or 2 as you often don't have enough adjustment available.
  3. This chart is from Protaper:


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