changmai market -violins


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Jul 5, 2006
I am trying to contact Dave Unkovitch who I met about 5 years ago when in chiangmai and I want to ask if anyone can help me who lives there.
As a musician I was missing my violin that I left at home in spain as it was impossible to put it on the bike. At the sunday market in Chiangmai I found a handmade fiddle on a stall that sold both normal ones and thin ones like this and i bought one for about £20 It was the same length and had same strings as a normal fiddle but was much thinner and didnt have such a big sound but it was ideal, i had alittle tin box made for it there to put it on the bike seat behind me and i played it all over the place on the rest of my trip. But it was stolen in Australia.
I am about to start another trip on a bike and would like to know if someone there could get one for me and post it to Bangkok beginning of May when my friend will be there and can bring it to me i Spain. Full reimbursement for it of course and a place in heaven and my heart for helping,

please can you post this for me and i look forward to a reply
thenk you and safe riding

LInda [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]