Charging problems Honda Shadow 1100

Discussion in 'Technical' started by mahili, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. Any suggestions please? In Ratchaburi, Honda Shadow 1100 with charging problems. Can Make Bangkok if needed, heading North for GT. I need expertise.

    Thankyou, Mike
  2. Mike
    Already emailed you.

    Sorry to hear about your problems.
    Dont know anyone in the Ratchaburi area.
    In Bkk try Yut at Dynamic Motors, maybe.

    Electrical trouble:
    Battery too old - more than 2 years?
    Overcharging - regulator not working to cut out the full charge & killing the battery.
    Undercharging stator on the way out?

    Anymore ideas guys....................................................??
  3. That's it David:

    Too weak battery: check and replace if needed,
    Regulator out: check and replace if needed,
    Alternator not right working: check and replace parts if needed...

    Or more rarely, but... with time, a default in the electric harness... Check "continuity" and no "floating" earth...

    Can't help in Ratchaburi...

    Good luck,
  4. A problem that used to occur a lot is the red wire terminal from the reggie.
    It turns green and rots away so check the connectors.
    Just a thought.
  5. FWIW. Try and get the regulator/rectifier unit properly checked first before etting a new battery. I have worked in a couple of shops and we have unnecessarily toasted a few new batteries because of not getting the charging system properly checked.


  6. Good point Pickey, as usual... 8)

    For sure before changing the battery, first of all, check the reg/rec...

    Mmmmmmmh, what about "toasted battery" with bacon and eggs?..


  7. The fuses are all okay? If the alternator and other parts are all okay, you might have a short drining the battery. It can be displayed with a heat seeking camera.

    You have a multi meter? Go straight to a guy who knows electrics instead of letting someone else do their trouble shooting. As Pikey says - as owner of a fleet of rental bikes, he will know more!

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