cheap second hand clothing in cm at the moment

Apr 23, 2007
Going towards the city centre/thape gate from the piston shop (Assadatorn Road), around 200m after the first traffic light you will see on your right
hand side a line of halls.

One of the halls nearest the city centry has a wide assortment of motorcyleboots, as well as a bunch of both motorcycle (1500b) and "non-motorcycle" (500b) leather jackets. All looks to be second
Not sure about the size, at least leatherjackets were a bit on the
small/thai size, so good fit for me.

Kiwi Cruiser

Ben Kemp
Staff member
May 26, 2007
Well spotted!!! I'm 2 minutes away and have just nipped down (first in, first served) and found a pair my size! There's quite good range on offer, in various sizes.

Actually, there were a few that my feet went into ok, but the locals must have really skinny calves - I could not do the zip up over my muscular falang-issue models!

So - 1200 baht for my new boots, negotiated down to 1100 with my rudimentary bargaining skills - which consisted of the guy typing 1200 on the calculator coz he was "mai parsah ankit" - and me typing in -100 8) and him nodding....