Cheating Weather On The Phrao- Wiang Pa Pao Loop


Jan 12, 2003
Cheating weather on the Phrao- Wiang Pa Pao loop
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Had a riot on this one with David. After a java at Kafe, bombed out of Chiang Mai at 10:30 heading north to Phrao... a pleasant, easy, 'high speed' warmup, for the Baja 250 anyway. Keeping up to the African twin was not easy at times and required stretching the throttle cable tight and a bit of finesse to get it up to speed. It has an absolute top end of around 120-125 klicks, although 110-115 is more realistic. Keeping the speed through the corners and tucking behind the massive headlights was enough to keep the twin's back tire in my sights most of the time. On any hill though forget it, I was simply out gunned. Both of us were running on fumes when we stopped for gas a couple km shy of Phrao. As David said, both of us running out so close to a major town would be hard to live down. Phrao to Wiang Pa Pao is dreamy as it climbs and winds its way through a range of hills liberally dotted with small villages. The sky was darkening since the blast out to Phrao but it looked as though we might get lucky. Our pace slowed a bit as I stopped many times to break out the digital camera and take a few shots. Much better taking pics riding with someone; 'action shots' are hard to set up when the only bike in the scene is sitting on its side stand. Midway along this road is a boulder the size of a van sitting on the edge of the road. 'Beware of falling rocks'. On its side is the crudely painted inscription in Thai: "do not take". We managed to weave our way around rain showers to Wiang Pa Pao with nothing worse than a little wet asphalt. Had we not stopped so often for pics, I'm sure we would have gotten wet. A piece of cake and a cappucino each provided sustainance for the blast back to Chiang Mai. Total time: about 5 hours. Less food/photo breaks, around 4. Perfectly suitable as a very pleasant tour through the countryside after a late night in the Chiang Mai bars. The only thing that would have made this ride better? My CBR and full leathers
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Re: Cheating weather on the Phrao- Wiang Pa Pao lo
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Yep, we pretty much had a perfect run this arvo Lee. Funny how it goes with the weather sometimes, eh? But, one of my mottos is " nothing ventured nothing gained," so it is always worth a look & ride.
For the record, the loop is Chiang Mai - Phrao - Wiang Pa Pao - Mae Kachan - Chiang Mai.
Route nos. 1001, 1150 & 118.
Total distance is just on 240 kms, & around 3 hrs 30 mins non-stop ride, if you "hook into it."
But there are so many great photo opportunities on 1150 from Phrao across to route 118, that it's sometimes hard to maintain momentum, as we so happily found out this arvo.
Lee, I might like to try a loop out to Piang Luang & the Burma border on Frid if I've got time. Stay tuned...
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