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  1. The Mok Loung Coffee Shop Bakery - Restaurant

    on the Chiang Dao bypass road

    A beautiful funky cafe-restaurant

    Good service I thought. Staff who immediately came to take your order.

    Loads of space

    A GTR brekky

    + the view across the street

    On the bypass
    800 metres North of the Chiang Dao caves turn off.
    GPS: N19 22.993 E98 56.992
    My recommended coffee stop stop for Chiang Dao (& I've tried a few.)
    Check it out sometime.
  2. Some entertainment - out on the bypass by the Chiang Dao caves turn off are a couple of pubs.
    The best one (Feb 2017) appeared to be the Sud Jai Lai


    GPS: N19 22.602 E98 56.781
  3. Ban Tham by cave

    Hug Chiang Dao Coffee & Pub

    A nice open air cafe / pub.
    Perfectly located beside the road. Stop your bike, get of & take a few steps & you're inside. Too easy.



    Closes at 10PM & probably worthy of investigation.
    GPS: N19 23.985 E98 55.765
  4. Cafe Chilepu
    Cafe Chilepu - Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai, Thailand - Coffee Shop | Facebook
    a cool coffee shop - restaurant in the rice fields south of Chiang Dao

    the bamboo bridge over the rice fields seems to be a big fashion now after the Su Tong Pae one in MHS.
    Mae Hong Son - the Kung Mai Sak bamboo bridge



    Cafe Chilepu has a nice pond & sala to relax by the water

    or you can wonder off into the rice fields sala

    there is also indoor seating

    Check it out sometime

    GPS: N19 19.515 E98 56.884
    Location: 2.7 ms south of the Chiang Dao bypass at the south end of Chiang Dao. On the west side. Follow the signs for the Buraphat Resort & it is 650 metres off R107 & 400 metres before the Buraphat. And if you like some nice accommodation with a pool, check out the Buraphat.

    Coffee Blue | Blue Cafe by Coffee Blue

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