Chiang Dao to Pai

Oct 15, 2006
Has anyone done the dirt road from Chiang Dao to Pai? (through the Wildlife Sanctuary) Is it doable with just a Honda Wave or not? (in dry season)
Mon and I are thinking of taking two of our rental bikes over there one day, but would like to hear from others first, to see how bad the roads are?
If doable, how long will it take, going at a slow pace, stopping to take pics, etc? it doable on the 400 Steed Streetbike?
Jun 21, 2006
depends how much you value the beauty and finish of your wave. it can be done as the locals all along the trail prove. bikes will need lifting over two rivers aswell. if you cant see any locals just sound your horn and rev the the bike loudly until they appear. they helped us with the bikes. stick through the spokes.
enjoy. p.s great scenery and good luck if it rains.


Nov 10, 2003
Yes, Going north from Muangkhong requires carrying the bikes over the river. Another alternative is to cross the river (concrete bridge) in Muangkhong and head west through the Huai Nam Dang NP where you will end up at the Viewpoint and palace and then either head south to Rd. 1095 or go north to Sam Muen and on to Wiang Haeng (all doable in a 4WD according to David Dirty).