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    Chiang Kham seems to be one of those backwater towns that time has passed over; & most people just ride on through to / from Nan, Phayao, Phu Chui Fah, Chiang Khong. It's actually at a significant crossroads & has a interesting history with a nice mix of different ethnic peoples - Thai, Tai Lue, Hmong, Yao, Pa O, Shan, Chinese.
    In the 60-70s war against the communists it was also a bit of a frontier town, from where soldiers went out to do battle against the infiltrators coming over the mountains on the Lao border.

    On the outskirts of town there's a memorial to people killed in battle

    This is known as The 2324 Sacrificial Monument.

    This monument was designed by Captain Somkiat Homanek, who took inspiration from fortifications.
    The monument has a pentagonal structure on a round pedestal with a symbol of the Civilian-Police-Military Command-43 (CPM-43) on its top.
    Four of the panels contain narrative bas-reliefs that describe the roles of the CPM-43 and one panel bears an inscription plaque interposed by two images of apsara (angels).
    The huge panel behind the monument that inscribes the names and ranks of the fallen also displays images of another two apsara in the act of praying as they accompany the dead to heaven.
    By taking the deceased to heaven, the images of apsara offer consolation for individual grief by serving as a form of reparation for the loss of life.

    A museum next door commemorates the hundreds of civilians, policemen and soldiers’ who fought in the battles. On display are photos, dioramas and military weapons used during their battles.

    Today Chiang Kham still seems to be a quiet town with little litter. The soi are wide, quiet with nice plots of land + lovely old classic houses that all seem to be looked after & lovingly cared for. The place has got some nice charm once you ride around the back streets; & if you wanted to move into a nice town that has not been taken over by shophouses, Chiang Kham would be a cool place to go.

    A few photos




    more to come..

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    One of the more famous old houses in Chiang Kham is grandma Saengda's Lue House

    One half of the house is 100 years old & the other half is 70+ years old.
    An absolute classic Tai Lue building.
    the building on the left is 100 years old & on the right 70+ years old.


    a Lue living museum, still inhabited & lived in by grandma Saengda - 83 years of age in 2017.
    grandma Saengda in her bedroom

    the house is famous in Chiang Kham & all the mini buses stop for a look at her residence



    an magazine article featuring here deceased husband

    the old kitchen

    nicnacsfor sale

    weaving under the house


    a fabulous lady to talk to

    giving the youth a few healthy 'n wise tips

    with her best friend
    2 characters & a half when together

    Wonderful fun people.
    Swing on by for a look & chat.

    Location: Sitthi Pracharat 2 Rd.
    GPS: N19 31.912 E100 17.666

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