Chiang Kham Restaurants

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  1. Khom Restaurant

    a small folksy pub & restaurant

    quiet & cosy

    Live acoustic music


    slow service but probably the best Thai food we had in a week on the road.
    An exceptional find & highly recommended. Cheap.
    Location in the street to Bou Thong resort.
    Just a couple of hundred metres from the corner of the main street by the Chiang Kham hotel.
  2. The Number one pub - Riverside Return



    the adult playground in Chiang Kham.
    Good music, service + food.
    Location out on the bypass road by the junction of R1021 & 1148. Head north from town on 1148 & turn left onto the bypass R1021 & it is just a few metres from the corner on the left hand side.
    Well recommended for an enjoyable late night out.
  3. Blacksmith Coffee
    a beautiful aircon coffee shop with damn good coffee = I had 3 cups to start the day.

    They do coffee, burgers & sandwiches + simple Thai food.
    & drinks at night

    The building is a beauty, bright, fresh clean & whisper quirt cool aircon
    with a variety of seating

    Cup # 1
    DSC_0138_2. '

    A delicious Ham & Cheese Sammy for breakfast

    Location is a bit of the way, but in the "town suburbs" beside the river
    GPS: N19 31.813 E100 17.845
    Well worth looking out for.

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  4. A mention for the Boutique 5 hotel & cuisine restaurant
    as fate would have it, one afternoon in the heat I retired to the hotel for a refreshing cold bevvy & a light snack.
    My first 3 choices for some beer food all failed, so a menu was presented with some sub standard images to select the food from.
    1. A cold Leo
    2. A small tuna salad
    the tuna salad was huge & surprisingly delicious.

    3. Then the masterpiece, some garlic bread with cheese, or that's what I thought I saw in the image
    not quite garlic bread & cheese I saw, but never mind. Absolutely delicious, green lipped muscles & as tasty as.

    The Boutique 5 Hotel restaurant has a strong name (locally) for pizzas, so perhaps if you're in the mood for one, it maybe worth looking them up to dine in some aircon comfort.

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  5. When the heat is on & you're looking for somewhere airconditioned & cool.

    The Live Cafe

    Central downtown, & next to the Yamaha Square

    Loads of comfy seating

    plus ice cream & frappes to refresh with

    GPS: N19 31.601 E100 18.139

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