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    On day 1 of our recent Laos trip, we stayed at the PORTSIDE HOTEL.

    Clean and comfy rooms right on the Maekong with a flat roof which doubles up as a terrace. BYO beer. 450B/night with ensuite and TV.

    Run by Miss Gung who previously spent 5 years in New Zealand and is a very nice lady. As the name suggests, the hotel is near the main ferry area and can be seen from the T-junction that goes to Chiang Saen




  2. yep was a great litle place!,clean tidy etc.i wish them luck
    My fave guesthouse the Tammila & Watchara has his new rooms finished, & what a view




    The price 500 baht a night. Air con, hot water, cable TV.

    And the view of the Mekong & Houei Xai

    Tammila guest house is on the Chiang Khong city map on the GT Rider Golden Triangle guide map
  4. Chiang Khong.

    Tammila Guest house and restaurant.

    Recommend by David a few posts above, and apart from having great rooms, the restaurant has
    really good food, especially the breakfast. Even if you don't stay there try out the breaky while over looking the river.
    Far better than eating the crap they serve up on the main road.

    *If you do stay there, don't forget to ask for the GT-rider approved honey moon suite.

    PICT0019. PICT0022.

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  5. Spotted whilst doing the rounds in Chiang Khong last Monday 15th November 2010.

    A delightful swimming pool


    where? At the Nam Khong Guest House

    img_1876. img_1879.


    Well worth checking out for a lazy afternoon, when you get tired of looking at the Mekong?

    Not yet recommended because I have not used it, but if someone wants to give the gh & pool a go I'm sure it can go in the recommended section.
    But test the place out first. :thumbup:
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  6. Green Inn.
    On the main road.
    5 storey New(ish) Hotel
    500bht for aircon room
    300bht for fan room
    Free wifi & internet
    Bikes are parked on the street but they have a night watchman to oversee them.

    Noi was like the day manager who helped us with boat hire & information

  7. Tammilla is great, I was there just recently and yeah - cheap, right on the river, clean, and surprisingly good food. I stayed in an older room and it wasn't anything fancy - but it was clean and did the job, and at 350 baht a bargain.
  8. Was there last month, they quoted 600 bath for the room, (I think only two rooms left), my miss checked and was not satisfied, so we went to Portside Hotel.
  9. Why you get such a great view from Tammila & room # 12.

  10. My favourite guesthouse -Tammila - was full. Silly me for not booking in advance.

    So down the road to check out something new

    The Day Waterfront


    800 baht a night


    Nice clean rooms with riverside views

    air con TV Fridge, WiFi


    adequate storage


    Good bathroom


    The Houei Xai - Mekong view at night


    The only negatives - shoes / boots off to access your room + the tiled floor in the bathroom is totally dangerous when wet; as is the outside tiled walkway when wet. You all take care now.

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  11. The Nam Khong Riverside

    a large riverside hotel, popular with tour groups, with plenty of parking.
    GTR - IMG_4970.JPG

    Air con hot water, TV.
    GTR - IMG_4966.JPG

    GTR - IMG_4967.JPG

    GTR - IMG_4968.JPG

    Splendid river views from your balcony
    GTR - IMG_4971.JPG

    800 baht a night low season
    Namkhong Riverside Hotel : Riverside Hotel

    Namkhong Riverside Hotel
    174-176 Moo 8 , Wiang Sub-District,
    Chiang Khong, Chiang Rai, Thailand 57140
    Tel. : (66 53) 791 796, 791 801
    Fax. : (66 53) 791 802
    E-Mail : [email protected]
  12. Another new beauty

    The Rim Nam Mai




    A balcony with a magnificent view


    850 baht with breakfast.
    Location downstream from the old Rim Nam GH & Restaurant.
    GPS: N20 15.621 E100 24.512

    Sorry no outside photos or card.
  13. Great GPS format for ocean and costal navigation. Not sure about river navigation.
    GPS: N20 15.621 E100 24.512
    Here's how to convert quicker than changing the format on your GPS.
    20 15.621
    15.621 / (60*100) = 26.035 Add the degree and for road navigation it will read 20.26035
    Do the same for the longitude.

    (Sorry David, could not resist. 555)
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  14. I took it off a GPS map that I dont usually use & never checked it all.
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    Kieng Kong Chalets

    Near the village of Huai Ian on R1155 downstream from Chiang Khong.
    GTR - IMG_4918.JPG GTR - IMG_4918.JPG

    A gem of a spot



    A variety of bungalows beside the river
    GTR1 -Original- - IMG_4974.JPG

    GTR1 -Original- - IMG_4976.JPG

    GTR1 -Original- - IMG_4977.JPG

    GTR1 -Original- - IMG_4981.JPG


    Google Maps Location
    Google Maps
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