Chiang Mai Bike Party December 10 2011

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  1. The official Poster. Should be a Great Party and the Location is a Big Improvement on all previous efforts! I heard it will be set up out the Back of Airport Plaza on that Huge New Car Park finished recently! Can't Wait!
    See You there!
  2. I'm IN!8031588e9257ec79ac9e1348817b3d0055ada68.gif

    EDIT: Uh oh. Just realized that's the same weekend as Saraburi Bike Week. :cry: I may not be in after all ...
  3. I hope to make it, if one of my bikes is not misbehaving at the time and the hotel isn't too busy.
  4. This one still a go?

    We are getting rumors it's been cancelled.
  5. Cannot comment on rumors, but the party Ian posts here is on and I understand there will be another biker event also in Chiang Mai on the same day, which will involve a ride as well.
    Maybe the rumors come from the cancellation of the Chiang Mai Bike week as previously run by Nothern Comets. This year they decided to donate 100,000Baht and other gifts to flood relief, rather than run the bike week.
    Chiang Mai has a number of biker groups that have bike parties this time of year, such as the events on 10th December.
  6. Any new information on the Chiang Mai events?

    Any hotel recommendations close to the site?

    EDIT: Heard yesterday from a friend in Nongbua Lamphu that the Chiang Mai event has been cancelled due to the effects of the flooding. Can anyone in Chiang Mai verify this?
  7. There's a few of us meeting at Rimping Meechok Plaza at 19:30 and heading down there if anyone is out on the Sansai side of town and wishes to join us.
    I'm gonna pop by early in the afternoon and check the place out to make sure everything is still on
  8. The flooding in Chiang Mai was a good while ago and never got near the Airport Plaza where this bike party is being held. Chiang Mai has many hotels, and guest houses, but it is probably better to be nearer the town centre, than the airport. There are readily available taxis, minibuses and tuk tuks between the party area and the town. The party is definately on, a friend is having one of his custom bikes shown there.
  9. Well the Party went Off Last Night as Scheduled and what a Ripper! I thought it was the best Bike Party I have been to in Chiang Mai and I hope it was successful enough to make it an Annual event! Here are some Photos I took. Sorry for the Poor Quality I think it is time to Buy a New Camera!
    There was a load of Stalls and displays covering every sort of thing you could imagine so well worth walking around! Some of the Bike Displays.
    GTL 1600

    Richco Custom Bikes.
    Custom V-Rod
    Custom Choppers

    Tiger 1050
    Meet up with a few of My staff there as well, Looking over the Mighty "Speed Triple", what a Bike!

    Also amongst the unusual Displays were a Couple of Rat Rods by "Thor" Chops & Customs.
    You can Check out His Website here: Link removed

    Mocyc the Thai Bike Web Site also had a Display with a Variety of stuff including this Custom Mio.

    There was Much Much more but you can get the Gift from My Photo's anyway! There must have been a Boom for the Promo Girls, there were Hundreds of Pretties everywhere! I meet up with Dozens of Local Guys I knew and a few from out of Town so i hope everyone had a Great Night and well done to the Organisers!!!
  10. Bungy, there's plenty there to rev you up!
  11. Agreed with Ian, a great venue and a well organised event, with some of the manufacturers attending as well as a few accessory and clothing stalls. Very enjoyable.
    One or 2 pics to complement Ian's

    We had intended to check this one out for an hour and then move on to the other party at the town stadium, but enjoying this one so stayed on. Especially as some of the ladies were keen to see the group Black Head.
  12. Great to see guys, thanks for posting for those of us who couldn't make it. Some lovely new models there............
  13. Good photos Ian & JG - thanks for the contribution.

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