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Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by R.A. Johnson, Oct 25, 2016.

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    Looking for information/advice re rental of CRF250Ls out of CNX. We are intending to ride the MHS loop then up into the GT and down to Nan before heading back to CNX. Plan is to avoid sealed roads where possible and take as much single trail, dirt as we can. With this kind of riding it is inevitable that bikes will be dropped and more than likely suffer minor cosmetic damage. The question is whether the CNX rental operators would seek to benefit from this or whether they factor in that these bikes are being taken off road and this kind of thing is just put down to wear and tear? Obviously indicators, levers, mirrors that are damaged would need to be replaced but I wonder what the policy is re scratched plastics on bikes of this kind? Any information would be appreciated.
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    While researching for my CB650 purchase, I did research on the topic of rental bike insurance. Impossible to get First Class coverage. Or Second Class. Reason - I did not own the bike, and purchasing insurance on someone elses bike not available. That being said - you damage it, you pay. Will they see the scratches - most likely. I used PopCarrent - great selection. And IMHO do no tell them you are going off road with it.
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    Thanks for your input Canthai. I'd rather be upfront with them and if they aren't fair and reasonable re scratched plastics then they'll potentially lose out on group bike rental for 2 weeks.
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    You are Welcome. But I think it is fair and reasonable that if I scratch a bike which belongs to someone else, then I should return the bike to the same state it was in when I rented it.
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    Maybe if we were talking about road bikes I would be of the same opinion but we are looking to hire dual purpose CRF's. These bikes are made to go off road. I don't know how much off road riding you've done around SE Asia but no matter how careful you are the chances are that your bike will get dropped. Anyway, like I said, I'll be upfront and see what the rental companies have to say. The concern isn't so much having to pay a small amount, it's trying to avoid dealing with a company that will seek to rip us off and charge way over the odds for a scratched sticker or 2. That's where fair and reasonable comes in.
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    CP bike hire really good if you damage a bike I'm sure they would be fair I have used many times
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