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  1. I wouldn't bother again. More like a parade of arrogant Harley posers, one nearly knocked my wife down in the hotel grounds, trying to make his noise. Sorry I never met any of you there from the board, but I left early. I took the HP2 down there though. It really should be named a Harley meet up although BMW, Kawasaki and Yamaha made a precence, it was the worst bike meet I have been too. And to those three HD wankers I left behind on my KLX250 on the loop..... :lol:
  2. Muzz, agree, except the manufactorers booths not much there we would expect from a bike week. Again met some HD riders on the way who didn't greet back or even indicate that they recognised another fellow rider on the road................Heard already similar comments about this year's CNX bike week from other participants. Cheers, Franz
  3. Hi Franz, I was fortunate enough to run in to Ian and Poco Pico at the X Centre. I am just back in Bangkok now packing all my stuff to move North to Chiang Mai. Hope to meet a few more of you over Christmas!
  4. Bah, I don't go there for the event- it's pretty lame as far as Bike Weeks are concerned, but it's a great time to get out and ride and for me the Chiang Mai Bike Week signals the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the riding season, so I always look forward to it.

    Felt fortunate to run into a lot of GT Riders at the event and we promptly organized our escape from CM to Nan with Marco Franz and Dougal (Much like we did last year) and it all worked out GREAT!

    Happy Trails!

  5. Muzz, once here just drop me a PM. Have a safe ride up North & be aware that the roads are now getting very slippery as no rain is washing off the exhaust particles, further on many repair works going on due to cool season and no rains, that means lot of gravel in the turns. Just did Samoeng with the SRX and found the Samoeng-HangDong side newly asphalted with loads of gravel on the tarmac. See u in CNX, FR
  6. I godda agree to all above, CNX bike week has been scrinking evey year and gettin worse and worse, thats why in this year i did not even bother to support them and register, why give even only 100thb for something what one do not enjoy at all, i can say that even smaller bike week example Free life n Sisaket was roughly 100% better than CNX bike week and way more fun.
    I have recived regular emails from organizers but i have wrot back to them that they can remove my email from they mailing list as it's just waiste of time to even go there.
    These are only MY observations and opinions.
  7. Have to agree its a Harley fest .....or should that be FESTER... but I still had fun showing the HD drones a real bike , the Samroeng loop was fun apart from the gravel on the new tarmac ...scary ! What I really liked was going there and the 2600+ Kms i managed in the round trip . I had not been for 2 years and there are other shows that are better now same as Phuket show used to be wonderful but is now aweful. i like looking at the real custom bitzers that the poor Thai guys create on tiny budgets thats real commitment .Not the parde of megabuck all the same Harleys from people who dont have to worry where their next Mercedes will come from.
  8. Agree. As a bike week its pretty poor except if you ride a HD, which some of my friends do.

    Jerry, same as you, I love to see what the Thais can come up with on their tiny budgets.....brilliant. But again the other bike weeks have far more of those as well.

    Tony, for me, has got it right. I just use the CNX Bike Week as an excuse to get out on the road and do a trip and of course to meet up with as many GT Riders as possible.
    As bad as it might be, I'll be there next year to see you guys.
  9. Pssstttt......... dont tell anyone but i actually like HDs but not to the exclusion of everything else ...but as a religion they sure beat, ChristianityIslam,Judaism etc for fun.
  10. I enjoy looking at HD's from time to time- some are quite beautiful; but I have little interest in actually riding one...
  11. Yeah, it's always good fun to tease and take the piss, but HD owners don't seem to have a sense of humor about their brand... What's up with that???

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