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  1. Really hope somebody can help me in finding a good cycle mechanic in Chiangmai area. I have a BMW F650GS and also a new Honda CB650F. Really hope somebody can give me a tip. Or if you are looking to do side jobs and have your own tool set, please contact me. Am willing to pay decent money for decent work.
  2. I have total confidence in Khun Nung Tawatchai. Many in the Chiang Mai off-road bike scene know him. He was a champion Trials rider for some years, and loves bikes. He is also the most western-thinking Thai mechanic I have ever met in terms of his standards and thoroughness. He actually enjoys weird "ghost in the machine" problems - sees them as a challenge. He works on anything. In the last year, I know he has worked on:
    Honda CB1 400/4; Honda CB500X; brand new imported KTMs (he assembled them); brand new imported Beta trials bikes (assembled also); Kawasaki Ninja 250; and numerous Enduro bikes - Suzukis, Yamahas, KTMs. etc. Aside from being a genius at bike maintenance and repair, he is also scrupulously honest. Now, after that wrap up, there must be something wrong, eh? Well, the main issue is that he is out on the other side of Hang Dong, and even tho' on the main road, hard to find the first time. And you do sometimes have to book a week in advance to get your bike in. You can check him out a little on Facebook (Nung Tawatchai), but that's mostly a fun / friends / family page. If you PM me I can arrange to take you out there to meet him one day.
  3. Though I've never used his service I've also heard nothing but good things about Khun Nung, and I always enjoy his detailed photos which he posts to facebook as he works-
  4. Hey Caveman,
    Glad you got dialed in here and sounds like you're pointed in a good direction. Motors going together immaculately, clean work areas, western-thinking mechanic, torque wrenches, manuals. Huge leaps & bounds above many here!
    On a whim I put some miles on yesterday afternoon. Pretty nice out for a while there. Good luck with that new shop!
  5. Koala....thank you very much for your offer to help. I am enthused about visiting Khun Nung and don't care if he's in Hang Dong. Not sure how to "PM" you, but I can be reached at [email protected] Please send me email so I have a method of linking up with you. Right now I have a rather complicated job to get done.....involves raising the handlebars a few inches on my Honda. Complicated because this will also require replacement of all the cables and probably some more stuff. not easy to acquire here in the rice paddies. It would be beneficial to have other mechanic alternatives, as I own 3 cycles right now and will probably buy more.

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