Chiang Mai Doi Pui park Geo Cache

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  1. N 18° 45.087 E 098° 53.775

    At the roads end.

    This cache is located at the roads end before it turns do dirt. Located in a beautiful small valley west of Mae Hia. A valley that seldom see's foreiners. Best to motorcycle, bike or drive to this cache. The cache is a small tupperware box with a blue top, and a checkers off road sticker on it.
    You can ride/drive almost all the way to it.

    log book
    American flag pen
    North Hollywood Honda sticker
    Chiang Mai map
    2 books of matches
    1 lighter
    power drink mix
    15 Thai Baht
    FREE BEER Coupon! From a local bar. (pitstop)

    Park your car/bike and walk 25 steps to your right down a small over grown path you will find this cache at the base of a tree.

    Best to start from Mae Hia market, Royal Flora area or Ban Pong off the Saomeng road.

    Give it a try,

    Geo Cache area map:,98.915148&spn=0.044866,0.090637&t=p&z=14
  2. Ahh, a geocacher among us. I am surprised more motorcyclists here are not into this. I have researched it and was planning on putting some caches out, but there just didn't seem to be much interest and few listed caches in Northern Thailand. The one at the Samoeng viewpoint I believe has been inactive some time. I only know of one "former" GT-Rider who was into it.

    Good Luck with your finds..... :D
  3. It's a good way to hone your GPS skills and give something to do.
    Also if your just getting into GPS it's a great way to learn.
    If anyone at all finds this one I'll set up more, with the free beer coupon inside.

  4. I'm very new to GPS and am waiting for my unit to arrive with a friend from the UK but this seems like a good way to improve GPSing skills quickly and have a bit of fun into the bargain. Maybe a small Geocaching "seminar" at the Pitstop is in order to explain to some of us what it's all about?


  5. Good idea Pikey. Meanwhile, as your waiting for your new GPS to arrive, here's some homework for you. ... try_id=198
  6. My "manly man's" tracking dog and I set out today to find Scott's hidden treasure, she wasn't much help as there was no food in it and she doesn't like to get her feet wet. Same as if I took the T/G/F along. :lol:


    WE FOUND IT! (Took nothing; left a GT-Rider sticker).

    It was kind of a fun thing to do to kill a couple hours. As luck would have it, just as we arrived at the waypoint it bucketed rain. I waited, left, and then turned around again. Why quit just because of a little rain. It was more than a little, but it added to the fun.

    I hope Scott doesn't mind, I am going to give you a couple hints to add to his.....................

    1: There are two ways in, a paved way and a dirt way. I chose the dirt.

    2: Big Hint! It is right HERE!!!!!!!


    Good Luck :lol:

    Nice meeting you Scott.
  7. I found the one at the Samoeng viewpoint recently. It was my first, and good fun. Also found the ones in Mae Rim and Chiang Dao. I'm sorry to say I was in the cage, as I'm not into wet weather riding. :p Will be checking out at the road's end shortly. Planning to plant one myself if I ever get my ass in gear!

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