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Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by monsterman, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. monsterman

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    Just done a 4 day trip to Chiangmai bike week on the S4 , about 2100Km round trip, about 150km from home the clutch stops working, the outer cover is red hot all the paint has melted, opened it up and dismantled clutch at roadside , problem was clutch centre nut came loose . bodged it tight at roadside , left the cover off and made it home cluth works OK , had to stop once more to retighten as did not have access to big sockets,it was late night.

    Home now and will re torque the big clutch centre nut ,
    Will have to buy some bling cluth parts , now doh!

    I am now a convert to the open clutch it does sound nicer with the cover off , like the jingle bells sound.

    The bike ran awsomely 1000km in 10 hours to get home including bad roads , dodging elephants , drunken Thais etc.

    Got stopped by the cops with a radar near TAK , they said how fast u go , I said why? your radar should tell u , they look sheepish , oh radar only go to 200kph it is Thai radar , we never see Ducati before and dont want money ,I laugh Ok I tell em i was doing about 225kph at that stretch of road , they are happy like kids and let me go

    The bike show was superb. great Parties great food , good hotels 4star but only 1500 bt a night . About 2000 bikes 35% Harleys 20% BMW 40% Japs 10 Ducatis 4 Triumphs,1 Motoguzzi and a few others
    1 guy rode a Ducati 999 from Singapore round trip 4000km.

    cheers Jerry
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  3. berty_bkk

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    I enjoyed the concert on the Friday, the thing in the Imperial Hotel was a bit sterile, there were some cool bikes around. Traffic in CM was the main let down, especially with my 1700cc air cooled bike, worried about it over heating.

    Looking forward to next years event. I'll be in Udon next month for the bike night there. Should be fun.
  4. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    Berty if u found CM traffic to heavy for your air cooled bike try Bangers or Pattaya the traffic there is 10 times heavier . CM was a doddle compared to pattaya traffic .


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