Chiang Mai - Mae Hong Son Loop in a day!

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  1. brat

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    Hi All, My partner Natalie has written a ride report for this trip:

    From Nat :eek:)

    Chiang Mai - Mae Hong Son - Chiang Mai

    There are times in ones life when we listen to others… and there are times when dreams prevail. To some the idea of riding a motorbike in Thailand is complete lunacy (including Rick, the huge Q-Ride examiner whose words to Chris kept repeating in my head “you’re bloody mad! I’ve been there mate and there is NO WAY I’d ride there! Crazy!)…. But our adventure depended on it and nothing was going to stop us. We were in Chiang Mai, a city in the north of Thailand and we had a lot to see in the one free day before embarking on the ride of a different kind…. A home-stay at an elephant camp, that's another story in itself!

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  3. BignTall

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    Chris, it's an awesome writeup. Tell her she's done well with both her writing and riding pillion. Both of you seem to have enjoyed yourself, as it should be.

    Good luck.
  4. brat

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    Thanks, Nat's great! :) We're back later in the year with our Buell Ulysses, probably won't do the circuit again but can't wait to try out some other roads up there!

    "growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional!"

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