Chiang Mai - Mae Hong Son


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Chiang Mai - Doi Inthanon - Mae Chaem - Khun Yuam - Mae Hong Son.

Got away from home at 1.15 pm in the heat. Wonderful helmet sweating stuff getting out of town in the traffic; I got every red light and did not get any clear road to generate some air flow until after the Samoeng turn off 6 1/2 kms out.

Route 108 heading towards Chomthong seems to be ok now, but it is still not quite finished and you have to wonder if it is going to stay like this?

At the Inthanon turn off there was a surprise - a policeman directing traffic. Now is that a sign of the times or not? Years ago this used to be a turn off in the middle of nowhere, with little or no traffic.

The road up Inthanon is still generally good & right for a fast flowing ride. Entry into the Nat Park is still only 20 baht if you can produce evidence of local residence - Thai driving licence or work visa, company registration. This is unlike Huay Nam Dang Nat Park, where last week the gate attendant would not budge on the 200 baht farang entry fee, despite me showing the same evidence that I use at all Nat Parks. You win some you lose some, but there is no way I am going to pay 200 baht to just ride 6 kms down a road to a Nat Park HQs (Huay Nam Dang) & viewpoint, so in HND they got nothing.

I got wet up on Inthanon in an early? thunderstorm, & was glad to get down to Mae Chaem still intact - riding on bald tyres in the wet, especially on the steep roads of the highest mountain in the country, aren't my idea of real fun. (Joe I hope you have my tyres for me when I get back to Cnx?)

Route 1192 from Inthanon down to Mae Chaem is in good nick, with a nice smooth surface & this road is still an exhilarating ride. R1192 has to be one of the tightest most winding steep roads in the North.

From Mae Chaem its R1088 up to Mae Na Chon, & there's still 2 short sections of good "fast" dirt, ready for asphalt. But otherwise the road is fast flowing and pretty much smooth.

From Mae Na Chon to Khun Yuam, they have fixed one of the landslides, leaving only 1 for repair, but my guess is this one won't be done before the wet season comes. Otherwise Mae Na Chon to Khun Yuam is a brilliant ride, and my recommended southern ride to Mae Hong Son from Chiang Mai, rather than going via Mae Sarieng.

Arrived in Mae Hong Son at 6.40 pm. In MHS it's stay at the Piya Ghouse by the lake, eat & drink at the Sabai Corner, late at night.

In MHS, it was a pleasure to meet up with Dr Steve Moore & wife, 2-up on, a BMW P-D. Steve great to see you again, especially "on the road". I hope you enjoy the rest of the MHS loop, & make a nice little report for us to read.

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Jan 20, 2003

Just did a loop ride on Wednesday. Chiang Mai - Hot - Mae Chaem - Doi Inthanon - Chiang Mai.

On the road from 108 going north to Mae Chaem (1088?), there were 50 plus trees knocked down onto the road. Most were dragged back to clear at least one lane, and a road crew was out.

Also, if you come into Doi Inthanon this way, you can avoid any fees.