Chiang Mai Mechanic Needed

Feb 19, 2004
Just rolled into town and I may be having a valve or timing chain issue with my Yamaha TDM 850. Any recommendations who and who not to see?



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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
If you check out
you will see that
Goodwill M/c Hire / Joe's Bike Team
is "the number one big bike service centre in North Thailand. Serviced by German Joe and Pommy Tom, the expat experts, & generally more reliable. Joe's got a powerful sidecar (Suzuki GSX 1100 in an old Yam 650 frame) for breakdown pickups, and they're an awesome pair on the road at times! "

If you've been on the road for a few weeks, any chance of you making a contribution to the GT Rider Board with some Road & Trip reports, please.

If you fancy a beer & a gossip, drop by the Kafe around 9.00 pm & / or Rudi's Sax Bar at 10.00 pm.
Tues I'm off to Pai for the night, & then most likely a lap around the MHS loop.

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Feb 19, 2004

thanks for the reply. I went to see Joe & Tom and they looked it over but were pretty busy. They said the cam chain adjustment was driven all the way in and that I most likely had a slack chain. Their opinion was that Bangkok was reachable at a steady 100kph and that I could get parts and service more readily there. I made it 200km to Den Chai and then the motor sounded like a nasty old blender about to give up its last fruit shake. Spent the night sleeping at the Highway Police station. The boys in brown were great hosts and the bedroom even had A/C! They helped me check the train for an alternative way to get the bike to BKK but in the end I shuttled by pick-up with a couple of guys going down to pick-up a load from BKK. 2000 Baht to get it to the city of Angels. I have a feeling it won't be cheap.

Thanks again and look for a post on my trip in Northern Thailand