Chiang Mai Motocross Thai championship 6-7 November

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  1. This weekend! FMSCT Thai Motocross championship Chiang mai round
    Heres the real directions
    Nim See Seng
    Motocross course Tel 053 219 550 ext. 444
    Go down superhighway towards lampang past Big C 4km, on the right.
    On highway 11 just past the 121 junction, you see a big red sign with motorbike on it, have to do a u turn
    18° 43.809'N 99° 2.199'E
    Not sure of the times, was told it starts at 8am today, but I dont want to see all the sprogs races etc
    Maybe a big turnout
  2. Thanks for posting the location Alrikki.
    Here is schedule... Saturday: practice... Sunday: racing...

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    There were 3 0r 4 stalls there, 1 selling motox shirts, another helmets,boots (5000 for Thor) armour, grips etc, one umbrellas
    and t-shirts, and food and drink stalls.
    But I hear there will be more stalls for the raceday
    Not that many seats and will probably be packed
    [youtube:1f9ttims] /youtube:1f9ttims]

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