Chiang Mai new big bike shop

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  1. There's a new big bike sales & service shop just opened


    49/3 Assadathon Road
    Chiang Mai.
    Tel: 053234344.
    Mobile: 0819524433

    Assadathon road is the road that goes from the north-east corner of the moat, & runs "north" to Kamthieng market / Tesco Lotus.
    Piston Shop is on the left (west) side of Assadathon road heading away from the moat towards the super highway.
    Worth a quick look & cheer.

    Keep The Power On
  2. DaveFl, is that pissed 'n' shop, and or pissed 'n' broke.
    Hows the wet been this year, was ir maintance time for the @.
    Regards Scott.
  3. Popped in this afternoon really quickly and seem to have a few nice bikes - a couple of Honda CB1300s, couple of smaller Honda race bikes and a Hayabusa. Thai run and they seemed friendly enough and one of the guys speaks pretty good English. Going to pop back on saturday to see if I can offload my XJR to them!



    No matter how hard you try, you CAN'T polish a turd!
  4. "Why are you selling the xjr already then Jeff? Youve only had it five minutes"

    Sadly jeff does not have the build or stature such as myself to handle such bike in town. It's a bike for hairy chested men and since Jeff is waxing now on the block it goes :) . Soon to be replaced by a more fitting model. I hear the next one has a cat like growl (hint hint) :) .

    Cheers all.
    "Formerly known as the twat, racer55"
  5. Hi Slash, had it nearly a year mate but the simple answer is that I don't ride it much! Find it a bit big and cumbersome for a lot of the roads around here and reckon that if i can sell it, I'd be better off on a big trailie. Also, across the frame 4's just don't do it for me even though it's a good bike with plenty of power.

    Are you in the UK now? Weather must be starting to get a bit nippy......



    No matter how hard you try, you CAN'T polish a turd!
  6. Ha ha, just missed your post B&T, yep, picked up a leaf out of Slash's book and just bought, wait for it...... a Tiger 125 scooter!!! It's the "MX" model with beefier suspension and semi-knoblies so we'll see how we go on that around town and in the sticks for a laugh. Silverhawk has already proposed we tackle his nemesis road, the 1252, him on his Djebel and me on the little Tiger - could be a crack! Fancy getting another XR from Joe next week and joining us?

    BTW, I have a very hairy chest but the missus gives me a back, sack & crack trim every once in a while! ;-)



    No matter how hard you try, you CAN'T polish a turd!
  7. Hi Colin,

    Heard that the weather was still good i the UK - hope it stays that way for you until you bail out! ;-)

    I don't really "hang out" anywhere as i am out of town now but pop in for MotoGP and have ridden with SilverHawk and Big&Tall a bit recently.

    Reckon you should fix a date to turn up at The Kafe at the end of next month and buy us all beers with your hard earned £££ ....

    See you soon,


    "No matter how hard you try, you CAN'T polish a turd!"
  8. Pikey,
    Well the 1252 sounds a wonderful bit of muck for us to scrape the newness off the Tigers paint. I'd love to get some pics of this ride. Are there any fences bordering the trail where I can set up a photo opportunity :) ?

    Cheers all.
    "Formerly known as the twat, racer55"

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