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  1. There’s a new pub & restaurant in Chiang Mai run by a good Brit Biker – Jeff Pike. Jeff’s an ex Ducati / BMW rider from the UK / Europe & certainly knows how to ride & talk bikes.

    He’s got an excellent selection of bike DVDs including
    Faster The Movie
    The Long Way Round TV series,
    Mondo Enduro

    if you want to check them out – all on a 42 inch plasma screen with surround sound!

    There's also a 30 minute motorcycle travel documentary filmed in N Laos with the GT Rider 4 years ago, plus another 30 min one shot in North Thai 5 years ago. Both of these have been on Discovery TV & Jeff’s got em on CD.
    He’s also got a couple of 20 minute GT Rider slide shows with music for motorcycle touring in North Thai & Laos, if your new in town & want to see what the roads & places are like. These all make the place worth checking out.

    Jai Yen Cafe
    19 Moon Muang Road
    Chiang Mai
    Tel: 069743585

    (If you know Cnx, the Jai Yen is next to the Mad Dog, & used to be called The Hilltribe Hemp Café, then Chiang Mai Café. Let’s hope that the Jai yen is here to stay.)

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  2. Thanks for the plug David! [8D] In addition to the bike stuff, I play music requests and have about 3000 tracks and if I haven't got what you want, will try to grab it off the internet.

    We're easy to find as we have a big "ying/yang" logo out the front and are open for breakfast from 8am running through until 1am. Mention that you are a GT-Rider member and I'll give you 5% off your bill.


  3. 5%........Come on. Being a member of the exclusive GT-Rider movement has got to be worth at least 15%. Nick'll get pissed off if I park the old ZZR in front of his neighbour.
  4. Just another excuse for me to spend more time in Chiang Mai.
    Hope it all goes well for you Pikey.

    It doesn't matter how slow you go, as long as you get there.
  5. Not sure this is the place for my question but here goes. Should I bring my gear(helmet, boots, clothing, bags) if I am going to rent a motorbike in Chiang Mai? I don't want to as I will be doing other travel not on a motorbike and I like to travel light. On the other hand, motorcycling unprepared can be a disaster. Can I rent the equipment I will need to bike around northern Thailand for a week? thanks in advance.

    Suggestions on a shop to go to.
  6. Jon
    Not quite the right spot for the question, but never mind, as Jeff will get a plug.
    There's no rental equipment / riding gear in Chiang Mai. What you might end up with is some bike rental shop having some left behind unwanted cheap crap from a customer - hardly satisfactory if you're serious about your riding & safety.
    So the answer is to bring your own to feel comfortable and confident when your riding.

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  7. Just watched Mondo Enduro again at the Jai Yen & what a great little bike show that is.
    If you've seen The Long Way Round & was impressed, then make sure you watch Mondo Enduro = How to do it on the cheap, have twice as much fun & go twice as far...

    Could not resist,
    another reason for visiting the Jai Yen.


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  8. hey jeff, thanks for really looking after me while i was in chiang mai. lots of great info and you've got a nice place and good food. highly recommend dropping by if you want to talk motorcycling or just in need of a drink or good meal. jeff, tell your mate from changers and bangers do donate the black fleece i left in his bar to some hill tribe or someone else in need. thanks again.

    donnie van gilder
    The Jai Yen now has a free wireless internet connection, so if you've got a notebook / lap top, hang out there for a free internet connection to check your email and the GT Rider board.

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  10. nice place i will meet u soon.
    c u bro.happy new year
  11. New bike DVDs.
    Jeff's fresh back in from the UK & now has the 2005 reviews
    MotoGP 2005
    WSB Superbikes 2005
    Isle Of Man TT 2005
    if anyone wants to take a look.

    I fancy the idea of an arvo get together to watch 'em one at a time over three afternoons?
    Anyone else interested?

    Keep The Power On

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