Chiang Mai - New Ducati Dealer& Service Centre.

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  1. The Ducati dealer off Nimman has closed & the big new Ducati Dealer & Service Centre in Chiang Mai is D A R T Motors, Chiang Mai.

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    The premises are huge with a massive workshop & airconditioned bike service bays being constructed.
    Also being installed are locker rooms, showers & toilets for customers who may want to fly in / out leaving their bikes there waiting for the next trip. The location on the south side of town near the airport makes this a perfect option for riders from Bangkok & elsewhere around the country.

    Some of the Ducati guys will be join us for the 9th annual GTR Mae Hong Son Loop memorial ride.So if you ride a Duke make sure you come along as a well.


    Highway 108 south of Chiang Mai.
    300 metres past the middle ring road.
    Take the first U Turn after the middle ring road & head back towards town & it is on the left and side.

    Contact details

    Dart Motors

    DART Asia – Desmo Adventure Rides of Thailand
  2. Fantastic! We checked the place out already and looking good so here is Hoping they get the Service Centre right which is the biggest Failing for Most Dealers it seems!
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