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  1. dlevedag

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    Does anyone know of a good shop/store for parts in Chiang Mai? Where they wont get me the standard response "mai mee" to every god damn thing I ask for. [B)]

    I have a XR250 that I think it running a bit hot. I want a thermometer for my oil. Screws in instead of the dipstick. I dont even care if I cant find that specific part. Just something to read how hot I'm running.

    Please point me in the right direction either local Chiang Mai or a good place order from and ship into Thailand [?]

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  3. XXX

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    go get it at the drug stroe, i saw once at the Phamachoice opposit infront of Dara Collage.
  4. mikerust

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    Not sure what thread you have on your bike but you can by screw in thermometers for chicken-chasers at any decent local motorbike shop. They don't last very long because of vibration but they will work for a week at least.

    A locally made oil cooler is only about 1500 or maybe 2000 Baht!

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