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  1. finnomick

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    I am coming up to CM with the wife and a couple of friends over the Loy Krathong festival this year and we are also being joined by another couple of friends on holiday from the UK. We've done Loy Krathong in CM before, eating at the Riverside restaurant which was OK apart from the rocket launched from the opposite riverbank flying between us about a foot above our table. Can anyone recommend an alternative restaurant from where we can see the ' goings on ' at the river but perhaps in a slightly less crowded area. Any information would be of great value.
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  3. KenYam

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    I would try Dukes on the river, fully enclosed, air conditioned and safe and the spare ribs and pizza's are good, value good as well.

    When leaving the city east wards turn right (south) after going over the main bridge (Nuariwat) resturant is about 200 metres on the left hand side
    opposite the river. If turned left at the bridge you would pass the Riverside resturant. Hope this helps, Hope you enjoy yourselves.

    Ken F
  4. finnomick

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    Thanks for the information Ken, I know roughly where it is so will give it a try. Bearing in mind we'll be going on Loy Krathong festival evening, do you advise pre booking ?

  5. DavidFL

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    It would be a mistake not to book = BOOK by all means!!
    Anything by the river will be packed / full.
    LY in Cnx is absolute mayhem, but you will enjoy it the first time.
    Make sure you book your hotel room too.
  6. finnomick

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    Hello all, I've spent Loy Krathong in CM before so I know what to expect. Hotels all booked. However, I've encountered a little problem. I've got a couple of friends coming over to Thailand for the first time from England, and we are driving over 1000kms to be there so getting everything organised is pretty important to me. So, taking advice, I rang Dukes Restaurant this evening to book up, and here is where the real story begins. I spoke to a young lady who answered the phone -- Ducks Restaurant. Firstly I asked her if she spoke English. A leetle came the reply so I immediately passed the phone to the misses who was already primed as to what to ask for. The lady told my wife that Ducks Restaurant is NOT a farang food restaurant, but we should phone the River Market Restaurant ( get this ) which adjoins Ducks restaurant. Well, I've looked up the River Market restaurant which according to their map is actually on the opposite side of the river to Ducks, and having looked at their menu ( which is pretty much all Thai food ) am somewhat bemused. Was the lady at Ducks a tout for the River Market Restaurant ? She also said that there was NO need to pre-book even for the evening of the festival. From my searches, I think I remember the owner of Ducks is called Dave or David. If anyone can supply me his phone number I'll gladly call him. The last thing I want to do on Loy Krathong is spend hours driving around very slowly trying to find a suitable place to eat ( and park ), or, I'll have to revert to plan A and try and get in at the Riverside and take my chances. Any help will be greatly appreciated......
  7. finnomick

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    Had a great Loy Krathong weekend in Chiang Mai -- apart from someone scraping the front of the pickup but considering the traffic I'm amazed that's all that happened. We got to drive by Duke's restaurant on the east bank of the Phing River but no parking places for miles so we went to the Riverside which is one of our favourites. It was jam-packed as normal but a table became available within 10 minutes so we were all well pleased. also found a great Italian restaurant near to the hotel where our friends from the UK were staying ( The Empress Hotel ). The restaurant was called Da Antonio ( something to do with another Italian restaurant just down the road called Gorgios ). Couldn't fault it. Excellent food and service with waitresses that actually understood what we were asking for. It's a long drive for a weekend, 900kms each way plus another 300 or so showing our friends the sights but well worth it.

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