Chiang Mai: The Huai Ting Tao Tour, 65km

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  1. Chiang Mai: The Huai Ting Tao Tour, 65km
    Many times but never boring

    Track and Map
    In the following url you cam see the map and download the track for gps.
    Note: The track was made with a garmin oregon with unlimited waypoint. Some other gps work only with 500 points.
    All images in the posting you can make bigger by clicking.

    We start in Chiang Mai and drive the way to the zoo/Doi Suthep. After the zoo many curves up to the mountain. About 14 km to Doi Suthep, a nice place for stop and look the temple (not on the weekend!!)
    Then the concret street on Doi Suthep straight on. After some kilometers is a palace and then the street is smaller. You passing a small market.

    Doi Pui
    Ca. 200m before Doi Pui is a garden:

    About 7km (from Doi Suthep) we come to the small village Doi Pui with some souvenirshops and a nice garden.

    huai-ting-tao-tour-02-thumb. huai-ting-tao-tour-03-thumb. huai-ting-tao-tour-04-thumb.

    Note: Not come on the weekend because many many thais!!
    After look Doi Pui drive back about 2 km and turn left. After a short way there is a viewpoint where you can see Doi Pui.

    huai-ting-tao-tour-06-thumb. huai-ting-tao-tour-07-thumb. huai-ting-tao-tour-08-thumb.

    Follow the small bad concret street. Some minutes later you will see this fork in the forest, take the right way. Now it is a very nice nature road. Near the coffe farm, sometimes flower:


    Coffee Farm
    After some kilometers there is a coffee farm


    with very good coffee and a nice terrasse. The bungalows for rent. I like this place very much. When i came first time here we drink coffee in a small wood engine room.

    Coffeeplants (beans)

    After a cup of coffee straight on. You will cross some fruit plantage and small river.

    huai-ting-tao-tour-12-thumb. huai-ting-tao-tour-13-thumb.


    When the road goes down the dirt road is near finish, only to the lake are quicksand (drive carefully!)

    Huai Ting Tao Lake
    A good stop with friendly staff, good and cheap food on the lake.


    Note again: Not on the weekend because many thais!!
    A special food here is gung dane (dancing shrimp). This shrimps are raw with a very spicy sauce, good!

    huai-ting-tao-tour-17-thumb. huai-ting-tao-tour-18-thumb.
  2. Helbob
    Welcome back.
    Looks like you're back for another trip, riding & touring North THailand.
    Have a good time & please keep the contributions coming.
    You're another star on GT Rider.
  3. Helbob, nice report and awesome fotos !!!! Yes during weekends you shouldn't go to famous places especially during the cool season, loads of local tourists. Ian Bungy just came back from Pai and said that it was worse than Bkk's Sukhumvit Road during rush hour.......... :wink: , cheers & keep these fotos coming ! Franz
  4. Thank you.
    Yes on the weekends AND HAPPY NEW YEAR many many many thai tourist!!!
    I been in Mae Hong Son and ALL resorts full, the street up to the temple full with parking cars.
    The small lake near Rak Thai (in Pang Ung) full with thai-camper. Pai was full too on happy new year. At the lake hundrets of thai-camper.

    Some years ago it was no problem, but now ALL (of course not all, but look like all) thais come to the north at happy new year. But it is funny because on many mountains you see their tent and they make barbecue, musik and be happy.

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