Chiang Mai to Chaing Rai

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  1. Hi,

    I will be in Chiang Mai on November 16th. I wonder if there is any rider will be going to Chiang Rai? I'm planning to spend a night there to visit the white temple. Also, I have waze and Sygic GPS, If I navigate using it, will that be good enough for riding to Chiang Rai?

  2. Is the White Temple open again?
  3. Sure it's open. Despite the media hype - "good" publicity by Chalermchai Kositpipatt, the artist - it was hardly closed because of the earth tremor.

    301337=20345-GTR-Wat Rong Khun-2.jpg
  4. Thanks for that. Slight regig to my plans for Nov required. The last info I got was from the Bangkok Post that had it closed indefinitely because of the damage and unlikely to be reopened. And that is still the latest news when you google it.


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