Chiang Mai to Mae Sot on CBR 150

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  1. Routes: 108, 1010, 106, 1, 1175, 105. Depart CM 0815; arrive MS 1800. 452 kms.

    Chiang Mai is good but its time to hit the road again. I motor south on 108. Boring road and a lot of construction. I cut over to 106 via 1010. And press on.

    Job #1 COFFEE! Nice little coffe shop and great coffee at 30 baht per cup. Free WiFi too :)

    So much construction on 108, best to avoid...

    Oil the chain after fueling up on Rt1

    Westbound on 1175 to connect with 105 to Mae Sot. Fantastice scenery and good road- at first...
    The road turns into a cow path, way to rough for my street bike but I press on. I'm down to first and second gears to ride the
    craters and avoid (mostly) the pot holes... I'd avoid this one unless you are on a dirt bike...

    Roll in to Mae Sot around 1800 and get a 200 baht room at Smile GH. Dinner at Krua Canadian then back to my room and SLEEP!

    Press on to Kanchanaburi in the morning :)
  2. Rode that 1175 a couple years ago with some friends and it was in dreadful condition then, imagine it's even worse now!
  3. It is :(

    I was running out of day light and kepy thinking: "It has to get better soon..."

    But it didn't.

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