Chiang Mai to Pai

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  1. scottlomm

    scottlomm New Member

    I am planning a ride this June from Chaing Mai to Pai, I tried searching to see if anyone else had asked about this but did not find anything. Anyone have any suggestions of things to see along the way? Also what are the road conditions like on 1095 through the mountains? Thanks for the help.
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  3. tropicaljohno

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    The 'Phuket Poofters' have just ridden Chiang Mai to Pai, then on to Phuket, on XL 250's.

    Roads great, all sealed, scenery great, and trip report coming very soon.

    With a decent vented jacket, and water bag, heat no problem.
  4. siinthai

    siinthai Ol'Timer

    TJ , Keep your tendancies to yourself....
    It was the SOGS tour....
  5. scot harper

    scot harper Ol'Timer

    Scott, mate thats a great ride! but pai is only half way to anywhere.
    We stayed down bu the river in this "Chilled" little place, had one of the best cow soi"s in thailand, the bends you will dig, pai you will dig, mate I'd do it again in a heart beat.

    Post your trip, leave nothing out, worts an all.....Scott 8)

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