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  1. Good day Gt Rider experts. It is that time that I plan a trip for visiting friends. This year I uttered "Siem Reap" or typed it in some email or conversation and from then on it stuck!

    So the plan is to ride to Siem Reap. Following the info on GT-Rider I went to POP's to enquire about bike hire. On one of the visits the young lass there said they wouldn't do a Forza to Cambodia because the roads are just too bad. Now I am sure my friend who was thinking of a Forza would happily change to a CB500X or Versys but my question is to see if anyone can advise me if the road from the border we will take highway 33 crossing at Poi Pet and take AH1 and National Highway 6 to Siem Reap.

    Can anyone advise on the current condition of this road? is is so bad a Forza could not use it? I ask because I have a Forza and this would be my ride.

    Info on this plus any additional tips and hints like insurance / do s and don'ts etc really appreciated.
  2. G'day Bigal,

    The road conditionals are great..

    Bit rough in patches between Siem Reap and Poipet.

    To be honest. Suggest you cross at Osmarch.

    Take in Preah Vihear and head on down to Siem Reap.

    Unless you feel you must cross at Poi Pet.. Go back the same way..

    Poipet is not a very nice crossing.. Busy and corrupt as hell on the Cambo Side.

    Here is a report on our ride..

  3. Hi all, input really welcome.

    We have decided to ride from Chiang Mai to Siem Reap next month. I would appreciate input on the planning.

    Here is the current status.

    I will ride my own Forza

    We have booked an Honda 500 plus a Forza from Pops. For paperwork I am expecting Pops to supply just about everything required for the hire bikes.

    I will take my book plus copies etc for my bike.

    Reading on GT rider I will also need form TM2 and TM4, I can find TM2 on the immigration website but not TM4 can anyone help here. Our personal visas will be e visas. We will use Poipet as the crossing.

    I am thinking of using highways 11, 12 and 21 onto the 33, comments welcome including places to stay.

    It will be very easygoing, hints and tips, does and don'ts appreciated. Report will follow.
  4. I would still appreciate some info on apaerwork and proceedures for taking my bike to Cambodia.
    • Do I need a TM2?
    • Do I need a TM4 and what is it I can't find it on the immigration website?
    • Do I need to get my book translated (Vehicle registration certificate)?
    Help much appreciated.



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