Chiang Mai Trip 3 4


Dec 18, 2007
This is report 3 & 4 simply because my camera died a death on the section I was most looking forward too!!! Sod's Law.

By the way, I stayed at Amazing GH in Nan (B200) for a small bungalow. A bit difficult to find but nice and quiet. AC was'nt an issue as it was positively cold at night.

Anyway, set off from Nan on R1080 North to Tha Wang Pa where it was left onto R1148............................ Everyone says it is THE motorcycling experience and it really is. If you want serious mountain roads with breath taking scenery go to Mae Hong Son; but if you want a road that appears to have been designed and built for motorbikers, then this is it. The scenery is great as well. It's difficult to put your finger on what makes it so great. It just seems to go through subtle changes hardly noticeable that take you from rolling countryside and hills into race track sections then mountains and back again. Every time you sweep round a bend or over a hill you're never quite sure what the next vista's going to be. Enough, you got to go and do it yourself.
After a comparitively boring section from Chaing Kham to Phayao on R1021 it was a left onto the highway and a right onto R120 followed by R118 into Chiang Mai. Just when I was thinking I'd had all my fun for the day these 2 roads are beauties! Great hill/mountain rides with great views; and me without a camera!! I'll get it next year.

Spent 2 days in CMX to catch up with laundry and rest the arse again.


Stayed at the Mini Cost GH behind Montri Hotel, Tapae Gate. Went to the Kafe but it appeared that all the GT guys were doing what they should be. Out and about on the road. But did get David's Mae Hong Son map. Best B175 I've spent on a map; It's a gem (any Brownie points here?).

Finally, bright (hazy) and early set off up R107, left on R1095. Now we're talking.

Looking back to CMX

Looking forward to Pai

About 20km later I was f******g freezing, in deep cloud and found this lovely wooden house in the middle of the jungle in the mountains.


I did say it was cloudy did'nt I?

Having warmed my hands on the engine and congratulated myself on bringing a flask of hot coffee, I set off again and within a few km I was above the clouds in beautiful sunshine. Look at these and weep.




And the road!!

Stopped just past Pai for lunch and saw this tree.

Up into the mountains again. Yes please!
Here are some scenery shots and a market near the summit.





Stunning ride, great day and cruised into Mae Hong Son and booked into Piya GH (B300 - B500). Right on the lake. [/img][/u]