Chiang Mai Triumph Anniversary Party

Discussion in 'BritBike Triumph Thailand' started by DavidFL, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. Triumph Anniversary Party
    Chiang Mai
    6th December 2008
    Triumph Showroom
    Nimmanhaemin Road
    Chiang Mai
  2. The event is getting closer so it would be nice if Britbike chipped in with a time for the kick off and any info about rideouts e.t.c.

    Cheers & see you there whenever!

  3. On reliable authority it's 4.00pm on 6th but I won't be there as will be in Bangkok.
    There are three good times of the year not to be in Chiang Mai - Songkran, Loy Kratong and ?
  4. Hi Johnny et all,

    Yep, was in the shop a couple of days ago and can confirm that kick off is indeed at 4pm as you mentioned.

    My plan is to go to the X-Centre at lunchtime to meet up with GT-Riders from all over then ride down the canal rd to the Triumph shop about 4ish - maybe a mini-rideout if others are up for it? Later I'll return the bike home and press the missus into "taxi driver" service for the evening's jollies! :)


  5. Yes 4PM - 8PM slated time. "Cocktails" from 6PM on + food / snacks.
  6. Well done triumph Sat night show was very enjoyable, I think I can safely say a good time was had by all. It was my pleasure to meet some more friendly GTR members, I had fun thanks, ( what I can remember ).
    Some other info to share from Tum ( i think manager @ BB of BKK) bikes assembled in Thai at moment are all retro styles, Tiger and Rockets but the future hopes are maybe all models.
    My personal favourites are the Tiger No1 - Bonnerville No2 - Speed Triple No3. Bungies Tiger certainly impressed lifting the front wheel everytime he changed gears suggest Ian you need lessons to stop this bad habit (haha).
  7. Ken, I am Lucky My Tiger as it is with the Exhaust etc has Plenty of Power as Trust Me Doing Wheelies isn't One of My Skills :roll: Just That the Tiger makes it easy for me :wink:

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