Chiang Mai: where can I buy some clothes?

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  1. Looking to get back on my bike and start doing some semi-regular trips again, but need to get a decent pant and jacket. I've on occasion seen a bloke with a roadside stall few hundred meters up from Kad Suan Kaew, a little before the shell station. He had some jackets and pants when I saw him a month ago, but did not see him again when I went looking again a few days ago. Looked decent enough, possibly second hand (I didn't ask at the time), though I'm no expert. Was around 3,000B for the better jacket I think.

    Any recommendations for shops around Chiang Mai with some decent stuff?
  2. I have never been to his shop, but get stuff on mail order from helmet2home .. The guy is on instagram, he doesnt bombard the stream with ad's he posts some interesting stuff ( I'm not too sure if its all legit ) .. from what I see he carries end of line / last season stuff. He uses LINE messenger, his spoken English may not be great, but he's always quick to come back with some text and a picture.

    If your buying stuff in person, then you have no problem, but i like his MO policy - If you don't remove the tags, he will exchange / refund anything you don't want / like, etc.

    In my experience, he's worth spending your money with.
  3. Good shop. Owner speaks OK English. Daughter speaks good English. Place jam packed so go slow to find what you need.
  4. If you want some good quality stuff try Chang Moto 184/4 D Town Inn Watket Muang Chiang Mai. Not looked at prices nor bought anything as was just checking if they had large size lids for a visiting mate but had a good range. Woman in shop had reasonable English.
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