CHIANG RAI / best hotel deal 300b

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by PICO-PICO, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. I found a very, very neat hotel in mid town Chiang Rai=
    BAAN SLIP HOTEL TEL 053 7563357, address in Thai, sorry

    300B a night, a real steal, very clean, spacious rooms, white tiles troughout the hotel, good beds , balcony, nice big TV. No falang.
    Best place that I have stayed for far, at this and much higher prices.
    If wanted I think I can give the GPS coordinates.
  2. Grin, Captain, I bet MY deal has the better expense/ overall satisfaction ratio
  3. Semantics, I said best not cheapest deal in town

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