Chiang Rai Bikers Day Ride, Mar. 10, a Sunday

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    Hello all. The Chiang Rai Bikers Day Ride for March will happen in one week, on the 10th, which is a Sunday.

    Last month was a long ride. This month, the ride will be shorter and will allow more time at the stops. We will be going to, and stopping at, Doi Chang coffee processing area, then heading west to re-connect with the 3037 north. We will go north on the 3037 to the 1089 and take that east to highway 1 and then head south back into Chiang Rai. About a year ago, we did this route. After leaving Doi Chang lunch stop, some of us ventured too far north before turning west. This time, we will try to make sure all turn at the village north of Doi Chang Coffee Processing and follow the nice concrete path westward to the 3037. No scouting ride of the route has been done in the last few months so we will hope for no big surprises since we saw this route last year. Please look the maps over and be a bit familiar with the general idea of the route we will be taking. The 3037 is a really nice ride and not quite so much work as some other roads we have traveled lately.

    The start and meeting point for the ride is the PTT and Amazon Coffee Café on the Super Highway (Highway 1) near the old bus station in Chiang Rai, just south of the Kawasaki dealer The PTT can be found at the green arrow marker on this map-
    Grid coordinates are 19.90317 and 99.84100
    Google Street View of that PTT can be found here-
    Meeting time: 08:30
    Departure time: 09:00
    Coffee, petrol, tire inflation, snacks and restrooms are available at the PTT and Amazon.

    The route for the ride is as follows:
    Leave the PTT and move east across town to highway 1211 via any route you wish to use to get across town to the west.
    Take 1211 south to the 118. South on the 118 about 5km to the Charin Resort for a pee break, coffee and pie for those who have been missing it.
    South on the 118 perhaps another 5 km or so to Tin Doi and the 3037
    Right onto the 3037 and head west and north 7.6 km to the right turn (north) to Doi Chang
    At Doi Chang coffee processing plant, we will have an early lunch.
    Leaving the coffee processing area, we go north again. First small village presents a left-hand turn onto a concrete street. This turns into a long concrete trail, through the hills and eventually ends to the west at route 3037. I will try to get the left hand turn marked at the village and if not, I will try to be there to make sure everyone makes it.
    Right onto 3037 and north all the way to the 1089.
    Right on the 1089 and head east. There are a few coffee shops soon after we get on the 1089 and we will settle into one of those for a needed break.
    Further east on the 1089, we run into Highway 1 and return to Chiang Rai.

    Anecdotally, one of our members is planning a ride to Kanchanaburi to celebrate Anzac Day, which is 25 April. If you have an interest in joining that group, keep an eye on this thread for details, start date, start place and time, etc.- I am not sure but I suspect the start town will be Nan.

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