Chiang Rai Bikers Over-Nighter to Nan, December

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    Hello all.

    Still looking for input (dates and route) for the Chiang Rai Bikers overnight trip to Nan. Let me know which dates work for each of you and we will go with the majority. Also, have had some input on routes but have several to choose from so any of you who have experience in that, please let me know what you want to do. Will take all info and feedback we get in the next two days and commit to the date and route at that time with an e-mail notifying all of the details. Please submit route info only if you intend to be a part of that ride. Looking for a nice route to and from Nan. If you have submitted to me or told me in conversation about your ideas before, please remind me via an e-mail or post here. I don’t have all of that info in my head.

    Also need info on rooms in Nan. If you have experience and preferences there, please let us know details to include contact info for reservations that others may use.

    If the date is the 10th of December, we can combine the day ride into that over-nighter route and the day-ride-only folks can go part of the way with us and return to Chiang Rai after lunch by the route of their choosing.

    We will have a BBQ featuring ribs on the afternoon prior to the ride. I believe we will also have tacos, chili, baked potatoes and few other items. The meal will be offered at cost, drinks will be extra from whatever restaurant we choose for the meal location. Will put out a hard menu and cost when we have dates for the ride. The meal will be by reservation only as we want to purchase only enough food for those who have confirmed their presence for the meal.
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    Dates for the over-night to Nan are set now, 10 and 11 December. The BBQ will be 9 December. Route info, lodging contacts, BBQ details and more coming soon. Yes, cars and trucks are welcome on this ride.
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    IMHO the best way into Nan is via R1091 from Chiang Muan, fast flowing, swooping & it drops you right down "close" into town.
    Taker R1148 back to CEI via Chiang Kham / Thoeng.
    The Grand Mansion would be my recommended value for money place to stay with a big group. & I'm sure some sort of advance booking could be arranged.
    But be doubly sure on your accommodation because Dec 10 is a holiday, so that is a long weekend = busy busy!
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    Ride details coming tonight. But for now, details concerning the BBQ as we have them are below:

    Reservations are needed for this cookout. The cookout will be held on Dec. 09, 2012. If you plan to attend, e-mail to crsaddlebags (AT) yahoo (DOT) com with the number of people who will attend with you. Please do not phone in a reservation or tell me in person; send the e-mail so I can keep a good record of the number of attendees.

    Cost for the meal is 200 baht per person not including drinks.

    The cookout will be held at Chiang Rai Saddlebags and Biker Gear if the group is very small. If the group is larger, we will acquire a restaurant setting for the evening. Once we have an idea of how many will attend, we will send out a map of the dining location.

    The dinner will begin at 17:00 (5:00 P.M.) and will finish at 20:00 (8:00 P.M.)

    Cookout Menu:
    BBQ ribs
    Beef tacos
    Beef Chili
    Tortilla chips and salsa
    Fresh vegetables
    Drinks on offer will be water, soft drinks and beer.

    The dinner will be “serve yourself/ help yourself”, build your own tacos, from a community serving table.
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    Hello all. I hope everyone is well.

    Thanks to the many who have given input, maps and other suggestions to us in order to put this ride together. We have not incorporated all info that we received to make this trip but we have used what the majority has voted for.

    The Chiang Rai Bikers Day Ride group will ride to Nan for an over-nighter on December 10, spend the night at Nan and return to Chiang Rai on the 11th. Several of the group will be staying in Nan for several nights. There is no separate “day ride” planned for December. For anyone who wishes to join us for part of the trip and make a day ride out of it, you are welcome to do that and I am happy to post that route for you on the forums and to those in the e-mail list. If someone has input on a “day ride” portion for that trip, feel free to send the info to me.

    Meeting time is 08:30, departure is at 09:00. Meeting point for the start of the ride is the PTT/ Amazon Coffee on the Super Highway (Highway 1) in Chiang Rai. Location on the map can be found here: Chiang Rai Meet
    Look for the yellow petrol pump icon on the map to see the exact location. Fuel, compressed air, oil, snacks coffee and restrooms are available.

    I am told that the trip will be approximately 433 km to cover the entire route, round trip. Lots of good stuff to look at, and take pics of, on the way to and from. I won’t be in any hurry. At this time, there is no designated lunch stop or coffee stop on the route to Nan or the other route that we will use on the return home. I have received no input on those stops so we will make our decisions on the morning of and during the trip. Lots of time to get there and return so we have lots of leeway about stops. There are also some "shortcuts" out there for anyone looking to reduce the mileage for the trip.

    Leave time on the 11th for the return trip is 09:00. Meeting place for the 11th return group will be a PTT that is on 1091 just outside of Nan. According to the map, it is approximately 500 meters west from the point where the 1091 four lanes starts and leaves town.

    The route we will take is-
    Leave the PTT and head south on Highway 1 to the last traffic light in town, which is the junction of Highway 1020.
    Take R 1020 south of Chiang Rai, follow signs to Chiang Kham
    At Chiang Kham take R 1148
    2/3rd's of the way along R 1148, get onto R 1097 eastwards to meet up with R 1080 (which takes you south to Nan
    Take R 1080 south to Nan

    The return route we will take is-
    Take R 1091 westwards out of Nan
    Take R 1091 all the way NW to R 1292 at Chun
    1292 north to R 1020 and back to Chiang Rai

    Rooms need to be booked soon. December is a busy time for Nan.

    Room suggestions are posted:

    in this thread (thank you, GT-Rider folks)

    and in the Chiang Rai Ties thread concerning this trip- Chiang Rai Bikers Over-Nighter to Nan
    and a post from Tony, in Nan, at Tony’s place. Tony had lots of info for us on Nan, to include eateries, rooms and more- Chiang Rai Bikers Over-Nighter to Nan

    On the day preceding the December ride, we will have a BBQ rib feed for any of who wish to attend. You are welcome to attend whether you are going on the ride for December or not and you're welcome to attend the ride whether you join us for the cookout or not. Details here- Chiang Rai Bikers Over-Nighter to Nan
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    Hello all. I hope you are all well.

    Reservation period for the BBQ on the 9th is closed now. For those who have said they will attend, the dinner will be held at Woraphat’s place. If any of you do not know where that is, let me know and I will provide directions and a map.

    Hopefully, you all have made your overnight reservations for Nan by now.

    It appears that we will have several four wheel vehicles with us on this trip. Welcome, to some folks that aren’t bikers but wish to go on some of the trips and who will be with us for the first time!

    Chiang Rai biker Bob has scouted the route to and partially from Nan to identify any coffee stop prospects. He has recommended something for the ride to Nan but found the route home lacking in suitable stops for a group so the trip home will be without a scheduled place for the breaks. He did break off of our homeward route at some point and wasn’t able to check out ALL of the trip home so we may run across something that we find to our liking that he didn’t pass. I have attached a few pics of the mid-way coffee stop that Bob sent to me

    Safety note: The 1148 is a fast road for the most part but it does have some surprise hair-pin turns that could cause problems and pile-ups if people are riding too close. A safe distance between riders is especially important on this route.

    First stop is the large PTT station after the police check point at Chiang Kham. This place is also the last big fuel point, as the rest of the fuel options on the way to Nan are very small and lacking in most amenities and the quality of fuel at those small stops may be in doubt.

    After leaving that PTT and approaching the approximate mid-way point, there is a new coffee shop next to a small Thai restaurant. Travelling towards Nan on the 1148, you will see a sign showing the way to the Thai Laos market to your left just as you enter a small village called Song Khwae (approx.. 80 km's from Nan). The coffee shop is on the right opposite the KTB ATM sign. There is nothing much before or after that would be suitable. Bob has spoken to the girl who runs the coffee shop and has her number so she knows when we may arrive and get some extra staff in to help out. Coordinates are N 19 deg 21.502 E 100 deg 42.297.

    Coming into Nan there is a large Esso gas station just after the airport on the right which will be the meeting point for the route back and pick up the 1091 going through the town. Since many of you are staying in Nan for more than one night and not joining us for the ride home, we won’t be looking for, or waiting for, anyone who is not ready to go at 09:00 that morning.

    Bob has put together a Google map with turn by turn instructions for us. It does not include the 1097 detour jaunt that several of us will make. His turn by turn itinerary is below:
    Starting at Chiang Rai
    1. Head southwest 130 m
    2. Turn left 700 m
    3. Sharp left 110 m
    4. Turn right 700 m
    5. Turn left 130 m
    6. Turn right toward Route 1211 2.3 km
    7. Turn left onto Route 1211 160 m
    8. Take the 1st right 1.4 km
    9. Take the 2nd left 2.1 km
    10. Turn right toward Phahon Yothin Rd/Route 1/AH2 1.1 km
    11. Turn left onto Phahon Yothin Rd/Route 1/AH2 7.8 km
    12. Turn right onto Route 1020/AH3 63.7 km
    13. Continue onto Route 1021 91 m
    14. Turn left onto Ammat 1/Wiang Thoeng 7 210 m
    15. Take the 1st left onto Pratu Plong/Wiang Thoeng 14 71 m
    16. Turn left onto Route 1020/AH3 220 m
    17. Turn right to stay on Route 1020/AH3 35 m
    18. Take the 1st left 110 m
    Thoeng Chiang Rai
    19. Head west toward Route 1020/AH3 88 m
    20. Turn left onto Route 1020/AH3 210 m
    21. Make a U-turn 350 m
    22. Continue onto Route 1021 25.3 km
    23. Continue onto Route 1148 1.6 km
    24. Slight right onto Sakda Bannakit 300 m
    25. Take the 1st right onto Sakda Bannakit 1 Destination will be on the right 44 m
    Chiang Kham หมู่ 15 ศักดาบรรณกิจ 423, Yuan, Chiang Kham, Phayao 56110
    26. Head east on Sakda Bannakit 1 toward Sakda Bannakit 350 m
    27. Turn right onto Thanon Pisarn/Route 1148 Continue to follow Route 1148 7.5 km
    28. Turn left to stay on Route 1148 14.1 km
    29. Turn left to stay on Route 1148 19.8 km
    30. Turn left to stay on Route 1148 4.4 km
    31. Turn left to stay on Route 1148 56 m
    32. Turn left to stay on Route 1148 2.3 km
    33. Turn left to stay on Route 1148 10.6 km
    34. Turn right to stay on Route 1148 1.6 km
    35. Turn right to stay on Route 1148 1.7 km
    36. Turn left to stay on Route 1148 17.9 km
    37. Turn right to stay on Route 1148 33.1 km
    38. Turn right onto Route 1080 3.5 km
    39. Turn right onto Soi Chueam Sampan 450 m
    40. Turn right onto Route 1336 3.2 km
    Tha Wang Pha Nan
    41. Head northeast on Route 1336 toward Route 1080 64 m
    42. Continue onto Route 1080 270 m
    43. Slight right to stay on Route 1080 44 m
    44. Make a U-turn at Route 1148 22 m
    45. Turn right onto Route 1148 15 m
    46. Make a U-turn at Route 1080 22 m
    47. Turn right onto Route 1080 43.6 km
    48. Turn right onto Mahayot 170 m
    49. Continue onto Thanon Mahayot 1.6 km
    50. Continue onto Mahayot 260 m
    51. Turn right onto Thanon Suriyapong 750 m
    Thanon Suriyapong
    52. Head east on Thanon Suriyapong toward Ariyawong 750 m
    53. Turn left onto Mahayot 400 m
    54. Continue onto Thanon Mahayot 1.5 km
    55. Continue onto Mahayot 110 m
    56. Head southwest on Mahayot 110 m
    57. Continue onto Thanon Mahayot 1.6 km
    58. Continue onto Mahayot 260 m
    59. Turn right onto Thanon Suriyapong 950 m
    60. Continue onto Route 1091 2.2 km
    Route 1091
    61. Head northwest on Route 1091 toward นน. 4004 20.8 km
    62. Turn right to stay on Route 1091 2.4 km
    63. Turn right to stay on Route 1091 19.4 km
    64. Turn right 150 m
    65. Turn right 220 m
    Ban Luang Nan
    66. Head west 220 m
    67. Take the 2nd left toward Route 1091 150 m
    68. Take the 1st right onto Route 1091 4.0 km
    69. Turn left to stay on Route 1091 13.8 km
    70. Turn right toward Route 1091 1.9 km
    71. Take the 2nd left onto Route 1091 75 m
    Chiang Muan Phayao
    72. Head west on Route 1091 1.9 km
    73. Take the 1st right toward Route 1091 1.0 km
    74. Continue straight onto Route 1091 37.1 km
    75. Turn right 300 m
    76. Turn right 70 m
    Na Prang, Pong Phayao
    77. Head northeast toward Route 1188 700 m
    78. Take the 3rd left onto Route 1188 350 m
    79. Continue onto Route 1091 27.2 km
    80. Turn right 160 m
    Chun Phayao
    81. Head southwest toward Route 1091 160 m
    82. Take the 1st right onto Route 1091 800 m
    83. Turn right onto Route 1021 700 m
    84. Turn left onto Route 1292 650 m
    85. Take the 3rd right to stay on Route 1292 11.0 km
    Lo, Chun Phayao
    86. Head northwest on Route 1292 toward Route 1126 1.2 km
    87. Turn left onto Route 1126 110 m
    88. Turn right to stay on Route 1126 3.1 km
    89. Slight right onto Route 1292 1.4 km
    90. Turn left to stay on Route 1292 900 m
    91. Take the 1st right to stay on Route 1292 4.7 km
    92. Turn right to stay on Route 1292 800 m
    93. Take the 2nd left to stay on Route 1292 700 m
    94. Take the 1st left 35 m
    Hong Hin, Chun Phayao
    95. Head east toward Route 1292 35 m
    96. Slight left onto Route 1292 12.0 km
    Route 1292

    The map that Bob made on Google maps, with the turn points, can be seen here-






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    The Chiang Rai Bikers over-nighter to Nan was a good time. We had 13 bikes (some of those were two-up) and four cars/trucks with us. Thanks to all for the input on routes in and out of Nan, especially David, Phil and Tim. We weren’t disappointed in the roads or the views. And special thanks to Bob for running the route a few days ahead of time and scouting out the stops for us.

    After the usual meet-up at the PTT, the group moved out for a day of great weather on the road. After covering the km’s that get you to the good part of the trip, the 1148 offered lots of turns, rises and drops that were exhilarating at points. I did miss some of the views because my attention was on the road and the sharp turns but the wife was able to take it all in and she especially enjoyed it. As usual, we made several short break stops prior to lunch. At the lunch stop, several found a good noodle shop and several others partook of left-over BBQ ribs that were brought along by Pam in the cars. (Thank you, Pam. Good thinking!) I snacked for lunch instead of having a large meal because I wanted to save my appetite for Tony’ Place in Nan.

    For most of the morning, the slower riders stayed together in the larger group while the faster riders went ahead in a smaller “fast group”. In the afternoon, we were strung out a little further with smaller “slow groups” of several riders in each group. The wife and I brought up the rear, enjoying the warm sunshine of the day. Nan isn’t that many km’s from CR but the wife and I took most of the afternoon to get there.

    Arriving in Nan, we ran into several of the folks who had gone ahead of the pack and after hooking up with them, we headed to Tony’s Place. Before the evening was out, everyone had arrived at Tony’s for some food and beverage. Thanks to Tony for opening up for us on his day off. And he opened early for us each day so the returning riders could get an earlier breakfast and an earlier start. Tony’s Place ended up being our “base” of sorts for the time we were in Nan. I think he had one or more of us in his place during most of the hours he was open until the last of us left Nan to return home two days later. It was kind of cool to be able to go to his place at any time of day and see CR friends relaxing and visiting. On that subject, the ride was a nice success again in the sense of riders meeting and getting to know others. It is so cool to see riders meet new riding buddies on these trips and know they will be spending more time together in the future. What a great way to meet people and see if they are a “fit”. And also on that subject, we met some really good Nan folks while we were at Tony’s. I will be keeping in touch with some of those folks just because they are really good people.

    Nan. What a nice little town. I was impressed by the cleanliness of the town. Those people care about that town and it shows. There are LOTS of rooms available in Nan, in about every budget range. And eateries seemed plentiful as well, with some nice places in the city center and a few that are on the riverbank with nice views. There are some coffee shops but the place isn’t overrun with them yet, as CR is. The wife and I had coffee at one that had a sign saying they opened at 08:00 but they were open at 07:00 and served us. Nan also has a big market that is typical of Thailand towns and the market too was very clean; much cleaner than our CR markets. Even in the meat and fish section of the market, there wasn’t the normal stench. We went to the market for coffee at 05:00 (only place open then) and found the market Thai-style coffee shop doing a brisk business. Two people worked that shop, him making the coffee and she delivering it to the various food vendors at their stalls.

    If you’re looking for a slow-paced place to spend some time, Nan is a good choice. They have about everything you could want, the people are friendly and the town is relaxing. However, locals tell us that the town is growing fast, land prices are rising dramatically, daily traffic has increased a lot and things are changing. The locals expressed concern over how long their town will be the great little place it has been for years. So, if you’re thinking of going, maybe it is best to not wait for several years to do it.

    Several of the group made trips to the Nan Riverside Art Gallery south of town and found it worth the trip. One of our group posted some photos of that on the Chiang Rai Ties forum here:
    Most of the group ended up doing some touring outside of Nan while we were there and reported some good day rides and nice scenery in the area. I was in extreme relax mode while I was there so I didn’t see the gallery or do any touring but I made plenty of trips to my room for naps. Sorry, no pics of the napping.

    Some folks stayed only one night in Nan and then either returned directly home, did some off-route touring on the way, stopped off to see other old friends or in the case of two of our group, headed off to Laos for some serious touring for the next week. A few stayed on an extra night in Nan and then left Tony’s Place at about 10:00 the following morning for the trip homewards. I rode to CR with one other biker and one of the cars stayed with us. I enjoyed the trip home more than the trip to Nan as I was able to stop and goof off more often. The 1091, especially the first third or so of the trip, is a really nice ride with lots of good scenery, nice sweeping turns and high-up overlooks. I stopped often on that part because the views warranted stopping and enjoying them.

    A special note here about Tony’s Place, Tony and his wife. Man, they do have really good food there and the menu is extensive. I doubt you could eat there and be disappointed that they didn’t offer what you were craving. I have never seen such a small place with such international food diversity on the menu and he seems to know just how each item is supposed to be prepared. And surprisingly, to me anyway, he has a good carry-out business with the local Thais. The place is truly an all-around eatery. Tony and his folks were extremely gracious, helpful and interesting to visit with. Tony keeps an UK Internet rock and roll radio station playing on the speakers and he keeps the volume down so he has background music that enhances the experience instead of competing with it. Some of our local eateries could learn a thing or two from Tony. As I said, all of the food was great but my favorite was the bacon, cheese and mushroom omelet. That particular combination isn’t on the menu but they will do what it takes to suit you there without any fuss at all. Oh! And the beer crowd reported that the beer was cold, not really in need of ice in the glass. You can’t beat that! Tony, my hat is off to you. You are one of the best, customer service oriented people I have dealt with in Thailand. Best of luck to you and yours in the future and thank you, so much, for all that you did for our group.

    Soory folks but I have a lot going on right now and don’t have time to post pics. However, pics from the BBQ and the trip are on the Chiang Rai Ties Forum and start here and if anyone wants to download any of them to post to this forum, that is fine.-

    January- No route has been suggested for the Chiang Rai Bikers Day Ride for January. The ride will go on the 10th and when we have a route, we will publish it. If any of you have suggestions, please let us know. There is also some discussion going on about a dirt bike off-road ride and route in the near future. Anyone with an interest in that, let us know and we will hook you all up. I won’t be riding a bike for that but am willing to provide support with the four-wheel Suzuki if needed.

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