Chiang Rai newbie

Jul 28, 2008

I currently get about on a small 125cc Suzuki but will be getting a bigger bike, 250cc, in a couple of months so I can explore around the North more. I'm comfortable riding the 125cc but have never used a bike with a clutch before and would like to practice before I get the bigger bike, does anyone know of anywhere in Chiang Rai I can have lessons or does anyone with a Motorbike with a clutch fancy helping me out and give me some lessons/practice?

Thanks in advance


Morning Stu & welcome to the board. For a bike, I'd suggest renting one and asking for lessons. Most bike shops won't let you out alone without you showing a level of competence. I'm not too familiar with Chiang Rai but you could try ST motorcycles near the clocktower.

Alternatively, if you are in Chiang Mai, we have a 225cc Yamaha Serow that we rent out and could take you to a quiet place to get you used to the gears - PM me if interested. Another possibility would be to go to the X-Centre (Mae Rim/Chiang Mai) and rent one of their trailbikes for a few hours to see how you go.


Oct 16, 2005
G'day Stu

If you want to hire a bike I can help you out with the basics. Honda Sonics are manual trans and pretty cheap to hire ... perfectly adequate to get the clutch thing happening. I'll be in Chiang Rai till the end of Aug.