Chiang Rai saddlebags?

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  1. Hi folks,

    I thinking about getting a pair of soft panniers for my next tour around the north and read a bit about Chiang Rai saddlebags on the forum. Those of you that bought stuff from them, are you happy with quality etc?
  2. Hi DaRider,

    Got a tank bag from them. Good quality excellent fast service.
  3. No comment on the store in question, seen pics and they look like decent panniers of the shaped but still soft type.

    I purchased some canvas soft panniers and tailpack from mocyc store that I have been happy with.. They strap down and expand well, are fully soft (in case you drop on them), have rain covers and have been adaptable to fit many bikes I have ridden. All in all a good buy for what I wanted. I like that I can use only the sides or tail for varying types of trip, and they have taken a lot of wear. I would buy again.

    Seems they have gone up by 1000b in the last month or so..
  4. Thanks,

    @ LivinLOS, did you order online or did you find their shop? (if there is one, i've been up and down soi's for hours where their map marker is located in hope to find it, no luck though..)
  5. Mail ordered..
  6. I've been in the Shop A Couple of times, I've heard they have a very good reputation with the Mail order stuff.
    Excellent customer service I hear.

    I would email them and enquire about the bag your interested in and get there honest opinion.
  7. Hello all. I am Woraphat at Chiang Rai Saddlebags.

    We do carry several pannier sets and we carry tank bags that double as tail bags for a complete three piece rear luggage set. No problem to mail order. We offer a return policy that is fair for those who order something that isn't what they thought it was.

    We have also just received CBR 250 and CBR 150 rear luggage racks and will receive the tax and registration sticker clear cylinders this week for those who do not want to put the sticker on the bike itself. You can contact us at our e-mail which is listed in the contact page of our website.
  8. I think i just combine pleasure with pleasure and ride up there and have a looksee..:)

    Thanks a lot for the input...

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