Chiang Rai - the Ruammit elephant loop.

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    If you're hanging out in Chiang Rai & looking for a nice half day / day ride you can try the Ruammit Loop - a lovely ride alongside the both sides of the Kok River.

    Riding the Kok on the south side of the river

    A temple to climb


    The Kok river ride - a beauty of winding hilly roads

    Total distance is around 45 kms.

    Ruammit is the big Karen village with all the elephants on the North side of the Kok.

    Ruammit the Karen elephant village

    Downtown Ruammit

    A quiet day at the Ruammit elephant camp

    Junior hanging out in the shade

    Most tourists use the boat one way to arrive or depart


    The Kok river bridge at Ruammit

    Riding the Kok river on the north side

    Here's how the 45 kms looks in google earth

    GTR-CEI-RuammitLoop. The Google Earth Ruammit Loop

    The elevation profile to confirm it is s delightful hilly - up & down road.

    GTR Elevation profile

    When you'e in Chiang Rai, check it out sometime for an easy half day cruise in some nice fresh air.

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    Now on the south side, just 500 metres upstream from the "Ruammit bridge" is the Prasert Hot Springs.
    And in the cold season on weekends it is a very popular Thai picnic spot - well worth checking out.

    You can get the works here - massage / food / drink/ hot spa bath

    The happy picnic grounds

    relax & soak your feet


    boil an egg or two

    there are also private bathing houses for a nominal fee.
    Well worth checking out for a happy day / half day cruise from Chiang Rai.

    For some other places to go from Chiang Rai
    Chiang Rai Attractions

    The Oub Kham Museum is also another sensational 5-star Chang Rai attraction.
    6 nights 7 days in the Top North.

    always take your time in & around Chiang Rai.
    Golden Triangle Map

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