Chiang Rai to Doi Mae Salong. In Elephants we trust.

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  1. The plan was to ride from Chiang Rai, west following the Kok river, then head north over a few hills to hwy 1089 and turn off to Doi Mae Salong for lunch at “Sweet Doi Mae Salong” restaurant, then ride back to Chiang Rai the same way.

    This is a short enjoyable ride with some good dirt sections, great scenery, as well as some nice tight and twisty road riding. All the tracks and roads are on the Gt rider, Golden Triangle map.

    The road, the river, and the big rain clouds that were waiting to burst.

    I took a wrong turn, but I knew that there was an elephant camp on the road that I was looking for, so when I spotted these guys I simply followed them to the turn off.

    When all else fails, just follow the elephants. They never get lost, unlike me.

    The sun came out for a minute, and the track was actually dry the parts.



    The Kok river.



    Still following the river before heading north. The photo doesn’t show just how big these mountains are.

    Mud wrestling Chiang Rai style.

    This is where you begin to head north…..nice through here.

    The rest of the track is like these two photos most of the way until you hit the hwy.

    There’s a few steep hills that if wet, would be a little tricky to say the least.

    The track hit’s the hwy about 200 metres from the 1234 turn off just near the check point, so from there its a nice twisty ride to Doi Mae Salong.

    The marker that marks the spot,.. …the centre of Doi Mae Salong. Unfortunately “Sweet Doi Mae Salong “ was closed (maybe permanently I’m told), and then the rain came down, so after a quick drink I decided to ride back to Chiang Rai on the hwy, which up until the hwy1 is a beautiful ride anyway.


  2. That's a nice track Rex keeping on the north side of the river, equally as nice if you go across the swing bridge just after the elephant camp and up to Wawee, just out of interest where exactly did you pop out i cant place the turn off the 1130 ?
  3. Sorry mate, you come out just near Kiu Sataa on hwy 1089, 300 metres from the hwy 1234 turn off at the army check point. Not hwy 1130 as I wrote.

    I do want to ride that Chiang Rai to Wawee track. I tried to get through a few years ago, but had a crash and spent the night in a villagers hut. Funny.

  4. Now that makes it clear thanks, you should give the other trail a go it a good ride that's if you don't fall off that is.

    Hope you didn't hurt anything more than your pride, but I guess you had a fun night with the locals

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  5. Another nice report to keep us entertained before the big wet sets in.

    Great photo's.. Must check this route out.


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