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  1. David

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    The last few months Ive had several nights 'n days in & around Chiang Saen updating the GTR Golden Triangle Loop map.

    There's quite a bit going on in the area, but unbelievably Chiang Saen seems to have retained all it's charm & riverside ambience.

    There are some nice salas beside the river for relaxing & sheltering from either the sun or the rain.




    One of the nicest well maintained, restored buildings in Chiang Saen is the downtown immigration office.


    more to come.
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  3. DavidFL

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    One of the original guesthouses in Chiang Saen was Gin's. I once stayed there 20 years ago & vowed not to go back it was such a dump.

    But Gin's has not got money - a bank loan - & built a super nice property wit style, across the road & right on the Mekong.

    Gin's Mekong View



    stroll on out to the Khong


    They have a variety of rooms, depending on your taste & budget




    check it out sometime.  Plus it is ok breakfast to maybe.

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  4. DavidFL

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    7 kms north / upstream of Chiang  Saen there's an impressive new huge Chedi built in the fields "in the middle of nowhere" so it seems.


    now there must be a real interesting behind it's location, construction & funding.

    & on the same plot of land a new "monastic residence" or private residence.


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  5. ianyonok

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    The chedi and residence is where Kru Ba Boonchu lives. He is a well respected monk from Burma that you probably know.

    The Immigration building is not actually that old, it is clad in imitation wood, but Yes, it has lovely old style.

    There is another old building being restored just inside the city wall next to the river road on the south side of town, need to check that out when finished as that is also an old govt building on a big piece of land. 
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    A few more recent pics from around Chiang Saen

    In the rainy season, the locals go out in boats on the Khong and drag to the side of the river any logs or tree roots that they can sell. 2015-08-08%2013.38.42.

    The new bridge being built over the Kok river at Sob Kok. Bridge%20ovr%20the%20Kok%208%20Aug%2015.

    The Kok floods the local fields every rainy season. 2015-08-08%2014.01.21.

    Wat Prathat Pa Ngao in Sob Kham is supported by HRH Princess Sindhorn, who visits regularly. If you are heading south out of Chiang Saen, when you look up at the temple chedi on the hill, look down and right a little and you can see the royal houses for her, half hidden in the trees, but with commanding views  around the area of Chiang Saen.

    This lovely vihara bears her monogram on the gable end 2015-08-08%2014.27.30.


    Another wonderful building in teak that has been under construction for many years. The detailing is fantastic. 2015-08-08%2014.44.10.

    The oldest part of the temple


    Best of all are the views from the top of the mountain

    First looking north to Chiang Saen town and on up to Sop Ruak 2015-08-08%2014.37.15.

    Then south and east towards Sob Kok, the Kok river in flood, the port, the river bending round to the north and the mountains on the way to Chiang Khong. 2015-08-08%2014.35.26.

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  7. DavidFL

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    Wat Phra That Chedi Luang

    Down town Chiang Saen, by the old wall & main gate entrance to the city

    Wat Phra That Chedi Luang was built by King Saen Phu, the 3rd ruler of the Lanna kingdom in early 13th Century stands in mainly in ruins, but under going renovation.


    The Lanna-style Chedi which measures 88 metres height with a base 24 metres, is the largest structure in Chiang Saen. The chedi was built circa 1331 and enlarged in 1515, & remains in good condition. 
    CRW_6038. Wat Phra That Chedi Luang
    The viharn next door is relatively recent & stands on the brick ruins of a much older structure.
    CRW_6045. Wat Phra That Chedi Luang

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