Chonburi Super Bike - Need directions

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  1. Can anybody give me directions to Chonburi Superbike. Heard they may have a selection of BMW bikes for sale, but I can't seem to find any contact info for them. I would be coming from Pattaya.

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    When you come from Pattaya just head to the centre of Chonburi. Before you reach it you will see a huge Volkswagen (VW) logo on your right side. The Chonburi Superbike is just before that sign. Since you can not cross the road there you have to make a U-turn about a km further down. The shop is very small from the outside so it is rather difficult to see.

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  3. I'm assuming I would take Sukhumvit towards Siracha; yes ? Heard from another forum it's past the Robinson's and the new Central across from Tesco Lotus ???
  4. HI.

    Just take the Sukumvit direction Sri Racha and Chonburi. When arriving to Chonburi don't take the by-pass to Bangkok but head direct to Chonburi. And then just before you comes to the centre of Chonburi look out for the big VW sign on your right side.

  5. Found it. Thanks

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