Chong Chom To Siem Reap, Three Hours Thirty Minutes


Jul 18, 2008
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Chinavet 2009-04-18

I have just made a three day return trip from my home near Sangkha, Surin through the Chong Chom/Osmach Cambodian border to Siem Reap, via Anlong Veng.

We pre-arranged an aircon Camry and driver to meet us on the Cambodian side and kept him on hire for the trip.

First 30 minutes are a little rough on dirt road decending the Dong Rak mountains. After that it is generally fair going 40-80 km/hr on a broad gravel road to Anlong Veng, including about 10 km of sealed road. A sedan can easily handle the conditions. The driver claims no problem in the wet, but slower. The Osmach to Anlong Veng is in the process of becoming a two lane sealed road and is expected to be completed this year.

From Anlong Veng it is an excellent sealed road all the way to Siem Reap with light traffic.

Three hours thirty minutes each way.

Above NOT my ride, I just cut & pasted the note.



Aug 7, 2003
Some sections Osmach to Anlong Veng are a mess in the rain, with many detours around the new bridges being built. I saw only 4WDs make it through, one truck slid off the road in the wet. A month ago. No problem for bikes. When it is dry the straights are good for 120 kms an hour.

The first flat area on the left after the hill down from Osmach had new mine field signs up, unfortunately it looked the locals burned the scrub and guess what the signs are plastic! No more signs! So once again, think before going for a pee.