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Discussion in 'Technical' started by Super Magna, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Anyone know of a good quality chrome shop in CM? Preferably with house number, street and GPS position. We have two in CR but quality of workmanship is not good.

    Thank You
  2. the simple answer is that while there are a couple of chrome shops there is not a single good quality chrome shop.
    Either powdercoat it, or send to BKK for proper triple plating
  3. Slash - tell us again in 6 months how happy you are.
  4. I stand corrected as I have not used that shop and will be interested to hear how it stands up
    Do they do quality triple plating or just the local cheap and nasty method
  5. Well, thank you for theinfo and location. I will checkit out and report back.

    Super Magna
  6. G'day Captain - its now August '12 so how is the chrome plating job stood up to the weather here? I presume you will be back soon? I am very interested as want to re-chrome a large exhaust muffler and would prefer CNX if possible.
    Cheers Ken F.
  7. proper triple plate is a copper base plate then nickel then chrome
    most Thai shops leave out copper plate part as it is actualy the most expensive part of the process and takes the longest or they dont leave it the copper bath long enough which make the chrome porous and apt to rust.
  8. Interesting discussion ... although I am not in chroming anything on my bike. I would like to have some chrome furniture made (well chrome and wood) but looking to the chrome work of our stairs in our (luckily rental house) I am not sure if I could find in Khon Kaen people who do indeed copper/nickel/chrome.

    Chang Noi

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