Chumphon Bike Week, via Hua Hin

Discussion in 'Central Thailand Road Trip Reports' started by Rustic Charm, May 6, 2008.

  1. Rustic Charm

    Rustic Charm Ol'Timer

    Yay! My first trip report! :p

    Well, finally made it to Chumphon via Hua Hin.

    Met two groups of Hua Hin-based Thais riding down there.

    The first group were on a Duc 999, a Buell and various Jap crotch rockets.

    Apparently, the guy on the Buell (second right, I think) unfortunately had an accident after hitting a pothole at speed and needed some stitches to his upper arm.

    The Hua Hn to Chumphon leg was interupted by a severe rainstorm, so took shelter at a service station and met up with another bunch of Thais from Hua Hin who were on a mix of R1's, RR's and a VMax.

    The old 'drying out the jacket over a hot engine' trick.

    Joined their group on the road to Chumphon when the rain finally gave up.
    My Monster did an admiral job keeping up with Jap crotch rockets and it was the first time I've actually opened up the throttle on the Monster unhindered by any new bike limitations on revs.

    Stayed at the 'to-be-avoided-at-all-costs' Paradorn Hotel. Then again, what can one expect for 440 baht a night. A freezing cold shower in the morning, that's what!

    Went to some navy-themed temple where various choppers were displayed. I met tropicaljohno as well.

    Our group's bikes parked and looking cool.

    Later in the night at the meet.

    Some nice paintwork was on display.

    I stayed with the group on the way back to Hua Hin. Doing 120+ kph in a rainstorm was a new experience for me but I got some valuable riding experience and thouroughly enjoyed my time in spite of the atrocious weather.

    I really do need to get out of Bangkok more often!
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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Rustic Harm
    3 cheers for your trip report. It feels good doesn't it?
    Glad you had a good time, met TJ & were able to cruise at 120kph in the wet. It's alright with good tyres & in a straight line, but it can & does get considerably dicey in the twisties . Better to slow down, stay in one piece & alive. Thanks again for the pix & report.
  4. Dougal

    Dougal Ol'Timer

    Nice one Rustic Charm. Nice report and pics.

    Were you on your own and just met and teamed up with the Hua Hin guys?
    That's one of the things I love about biking; you always seem to meet people and bikers nearly always greet each other and chat. Good stuff!
  5. Rustic Charm

    Rustic Charm Ol'Timer

    Yeah, on my own. Couldn't find anyone from the board or other mates with whom to go down there, what with work commitments and all.

    The Thais were pretty cool. I tend to be slightly wary of Thai guys as those who I've met and conversed with in the past always seem to have a slight attitude problem when dealing with westerners.

    I guess it needs a common denominator such as biking to overcome certain cultural issues.
  6. daewoo

    daewoo Ol'Timer

    Good on you for going,

    Good on you for taking the time to post a report,

    Good on you for doing such a good job...

    I think you will find that Thai guys with enough money for a good bike, are less likely to be looking to see what they can get out of the dopey farrang... There are just as many good and honest Thais as there are any nationality... it is just that unfortunately, farrang often deal with more of the bad apples...

  7. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    My guess is that many of them would say & think the same about us. So it probably works both ways. But you could also says this about any foreigner, who is not from your native country, and whom you are dealing with for the first time.
  8. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Referring to David's comment, right, but there's additionally always the language problem, talking in English and getting it wrong causes some loose of face, so better just smile at the farang and not get into this unfortunate situation. Still I admire how hard many people try another language, many of us who are native English speakers will never be in this situation as it is standard all over the world to make conversation in English, so most won't even know how hard it is to learn a second language. I know what I'm talking about speaking 3 fluently and another 3 basically. On my trip to CNX I met 3 Thais on big bikes, flagged them down, we had coffee at a 7/11 together and a very nice chat, another driver on a hd (foreigner) didn't even answer my I don't blame or complain about the Thais !!

    Rustic Charm, good report & nice pictures !! And one more of our gang to do a report !! Cheers, Franz
  9. Rustic Charm

    Rustic Charm Ol'Timer

    You may be right.
    But I would really lke to see mixed groups of riders, Thais and westerners together.
    Maybe they're out there (up North maybe) but I haven't seen them yet.
    As I said in my OP, I really do need to get out of Bangkok more often.

    The second group I hooked up with were regular 9-5 Joe's, not particularly wealthy, just seemed regular middle-class guys.
  10. Rustic Charm

    Rustic Charm Ol'Timer

    That wasn't really my intention, just saying that the two groups I met were a breath of fresh air compared to the ones with whom I work or have regular dealings with.

    Where's monsteman when you need him? :)
  11. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Rustic, not trying to blame you or somebody in this post, but need some counterbalance to some guys always complaining about the locals....... :D

    Yes where's monsterman ????? Long time since jerry posted something nice........ :oops:
    maybe in the meantime he's drilling for oil on the moon.......

    Rustic, by the way you wrote you need to get out of bkk sometimes, here's a chance, from 17.-19.5. 3 of us will be in khao yai, for you it's even easier to go there mitraphap road via wangnoi-saraburi-muak lek, just see my post under eastern section 'long weekend trip to kynp'........
  12. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer

    I was a bit aprehensive parking my Honda Wave 125 along side the 'big boys', and out on the ride, the guys were giving me the thumbs up, and welcoming me on the ride.

    As mentioned above, I think bike riding is a 'level playing field' no ,atter what bike you ride.
  13. Dougal

    Dougal Ol'Timer

    All good comments guys.

    I've done many trips with Thais, sometimes being the only Farang.
    What I noticed was how many of the public came up and chatted with the Thai bikers. That's happened to me on occasion when I'm on my own but not normally with a group of Farangs.
    Have to say it really does help if you speak Thai.
    Anyway, I'm just happy to get out there and every time seem to meet and chat with some of the locals.

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