Classic Bike Restoration Project - Acquisition

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  1. Got me a new ride......

    2015-08-19 10.23.12.
    Now, it's going to take a little clean up....
    2015-08-19 10.24.27.

    2015-08-19 10.27.41.

    2015-08-20 09.58.48.

    2015-08-20 09.58.05.

    2015-08-20 09.58.21.

    2015-08-20 09.58.32.

    2015-08-19 10.25.19.

    I saw this machine for sale at the Chiang Rai Bike week in about 2012, for 29,000 baht. Found it again 3 years later and offered 15k Baht which was accepted....... good deal.......
    It's a 1965 BSA C15 250cc with an awesome 15bhp..... Frame and engine match as when built. The seller told me it came back from Vietnam in the 70's. Actually, I believe it came from Burma like most old Brit classics in the north.
    Part are available and cheaper than the bigger twins. My first bike was '68 BSA Starfire and this is a very similar machine.
    So, I'm a happy camper, this will be a great project. I expect to be riding it in 2018.
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  2. I had a C15 engine in 1969. Was very expensive at the time UK15.
    Put it in a Tiger Cub frame. Wouldn't fit of course, so cut off down tubes & using flat bar, 'modified' it.
  3. Wow, that's impressive - going to be a lot of work there.
    Good luck.
    No doubt the finished product is going to be something special.

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