Classic Triumph clutch overhaul

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  1. The clutch had been slipping on my ’71 Tiger for a while. However, a trip to Pu Chee Fah ended at Chiang Khong as the slipping was too bad to continue.


    Back in the workshop….

    The clutch drum was loose because the gearbox mainshaft tab washer had lost it’s tabs and the locking nut had unscrewed……



    New tab washer installed, gearbox cover back on, time to improve the primary drive side.

    While the chaincase cover was off, the 19 tooth gearbox sprocket was replaced with a 20 tooth item


    and an uprated alternator went in for daylight running headlight.


    Next, Norman Hyde reduced area friction plates


    Out came the pressed steel pressure plate….


    (footrest must have cracked the chaincase cover at some time in it’s life, but weld looks good on the outside).


    … and in went the nice new alloy pressure plate, together with T140 springs, new cups and pressure nuts.


    We used to use cornflakes boxes when I was a lad. I can afford gasket paper now!


    A Hyde toilet brush oil cooler finished the work session off.

    Pu Chee Fah here we come....

  2. Nice job matey

    nd have to say that it's look so easy on those older bikes to do Clutch job than new ones now days,,,i had to remove all kind of plastics firts and that take a day already.....
  3. Wow. Good stuff Ian. Thanks for taking taking the time to photograph it all & the contribute. Well done.
  4. Next time it WILL get there!
  5. Thanks Gents,

    The time consuming part of the work is usually cleaning the old gasket sealant off the parts before re-assembly, but Yes, not so difficult to do the job.
    The clutch no longer slips, which is great, but I'll slacken the pressure nuts off a bit sometime as it's a tough pull right now and I'm getting a little bit of drag.

    Pu Chee Fah in December David?

  6. Sounds good to me!

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