Classic Yamaha XJ 750 for sale

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  1. Very well maintained.
    Engine oil replaced every 3,000 kms.
    New battery. New Exhausts.
    Fully legal green book. Up to date tax & insurance.
    Will transfer name immediately on sale.
  2. any photos and price?
  3. ?action=view&current=XJ750pic2.jpgThe cost is 110,000 baht.
    I've been trying to add the pictures, not sure if it has worked.



  4. I'm trying it again.
    Hope the pictures come on now.
  5. finally figured out how to upload them pictures
  6. Hi there.

    Nice looking bike.

    Could I ask please * Year of manufacture ?
    * How long have you owned it ?
    * Has it been restored and if so by whom ?

  7. Hello there 'nicebus',
    Thank you for your interest.
    The bike is manufactured in 1982.
    Had it for nearly two years.
    The engine is still in excellent condition, no work done on it.
    Aesthetic restoration job was done under my supervision.
  8. Where are you located?

  9. I'm located in Bangkok.
  10. Hi is this bike still for sale? whats the mileage? Could you tell me your exact location as I can have a friend collect me and take me to see you.
  11. Hello there Lodgy,
    Thank you for your interest.
    Yes the bike is still for sale. It is under 35,000 kms. It is located in Rama III.
    If you let me know where you are, I can bring the bike to you!
    Much easier that way :)
  12. Dera Jedi Biker.
    Very kind but I actually live in Phuket!!!
    Have a friend here from Scotland and he's very interested. I myself own two here. a VS 1400 iNTRUDER and a Honda CBR 250 4 Cylinder which I had a guy go to Bangkok last year and collect. Ive actually only got back yesterday after purchasing a Prelude there for myself again as the Thai I sent although he knows a little did'nt notice the little honda had valve oil seal problems!
    As long as this yahaha has no such engine problems my pal will buy from you.
    I will pass this message on to him straight away.
    Thank you for replying
    Dave Lodge
  13. Hello Mr. Lodge,
    Thank you for the prompt reply.
    Please PM me and I can give you all the details.
  14. Hello there Dave,
    Do let me know your email so we can keep in touch.
  15. Still have it or sold it?
  16. Hello there Akkal,
    Yes it is still available!
    Are you in Thailand at the moment?
  17. Sorry for the delay. I didnt get an email that the thread is updated.
    No. I am not in thailand at the moment.

    Isnt it a very high price that you are asking?
    Agree that the bike looks spic and span, but there are so many others offering theirs for around $500~25000 BAHT.

    How much can you offer it for?
  18. @ akkal87 Yes, you can get a pretty dead XJ 750 for 25000 thb and this would be without a green book .... i am sure the OP would negotiate but you gotta understand that the greenbook itself would probably worth double then the price you mentioned...yes, a nice XJ 750 this is, had one myself and loved that bike.

  19. +1 on that, i've seen green books on Phuket go for 40+k for rusted frames with half an engine!!!! HHmmm wonder what they're doing with them :wink: nudge nudge wink wink....This grey area has been created by the powers that be making it so bloody hard to register or get a legal green books on secondhand bikes......:mad:

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